The observer is a tier 4 tank, upgrading from the overseer. It has a slightly reduced speed compared to the overseer, but a slightly higher amount of body damage.


The Absover, with its largest bullet type.


The Absorver has a entirely new barrel: the Absorber. When bumping into a polygon, it will not gain exp. Instead, it will come into a storage. The "storage" can hold 50 squares, 25 triangles, 10 pentagons, or 2 alpha pentagons. Clicking will fire a small laser, which will start creating the bullet - which has the damage of all the polygons H.P. (in the storage) and fire it at the nearest player. The bullet is slightly seeking, able to curve a maximum of 30 degrees to get to the targeted tank.

The bullet looks different depending on how many polygons are in the storage.

0 - 5: looks like an average pentagon

5 - 10: looks like a pentagon with a thicker border

10 - 15: slightly bigger, and slightly more bright.

15 - 20: even bigger, and even more bright. Starts to glow

20 - 25: even bigger. Pulses between the colors of the rainbow, quickly.

Pressing Autofire will cause the Absorver to for a bullet every ten seconds.


  • None of the barrels actually fire, with the exception of the laser.

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