This is version made by GAMEUJU CZ.

Creating an Account

There is a new button next to naming pattern with an Earth symbol.

After clicking, you can register or log in.


You need your e-mail, password, and username.

You can also register by using Facebook.

After it, you will get an e-mail and by clicking on link, your account will activate.


You can login by using your e-mail and password.


You will get points every time when will you:

Win gamemode or place in top ten.

Kill boss.

Kill Alpha Pentagon.

Kill polygons.

Points Gaining


  1. 20 points
  2. 18 points
  3. 16 points
  4. 14 points
  5. 12 points
  6. 10 points
  7. 8 points
  8. 6 points
  9. 4 points
  10. 2 points


Winning-20 points

Tag Mode

When are you on your starting team-35 points


Team winning-30 points

Man vs. Machine

Surviving-40 points


Fallen Bosses-30 points per kill (M vs. M-10 per kill)

Guardian-15 points per kill

Summoner-20 points per kill

Defender-25 points per kill


100 squares=1 point

50 triangles=1 point

10 pentagons=1 point (in pentagon nest-20 pentagons=1 point)

1 Alpha Pentagon=15 points


Game Modes

Man vs. Machine=200 points to unlock.


Mega Wide=40 points to unlock.

Shooter=75 points to unlock.

Shooter Flank=50 points to unlock.

Mega Shooter=50 points to unlock.

Hider=100 points to unlock.

OverShooter=50 points to unlock.

Gunner Shooter=50 points to unlock.


White-FREE (classic)

All other classic colors-100 points.


Shooter pack

Shooter, Shooter Flank, Mega Shooter, Hider

225 points to unlock.

Shooter pack 2

OverShooter, Gunner Shooter

90 points to unlock.


Badges are earned for certain achievements.

List of Badges:

Tanky / Kill 5 tanks.

Leveling UP / Get to Level 45.

New Era / Get to Level 60.

Speedy / Be a Booster.

Mega Killer / Kill a Level 45 tank.

SpeedKill / Kill 2 tanks within 10 seconds.


List of achievements:

Creator / Create an account.

Tier Up / Be tier 2

Leveling / Be tier 3

Leveling UP / Be tier 4

New Era / Be tier 5

First kill / Kill someone.

Squarer / Kill 1000 squares.

Triangler / Kill 500 triangles.

Pentagoner / Kill 100 pentagons.

RARE / Kill a green square.

Tanky / Kill 5 Tanks

Tanky 2 / Kill 5 Tanks in one game.

Tanker / Kill 10 Tanks.

Tanker 2 / Kill 10 Tanks in one game.

Tank Conqueror / Kill 15 Tanks.

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