Something you get when you do something precise, for example:

Reach level 45.

(Normal achievement would be:)

(Custom name:) Level up!

(Achievement:) Reach level 45

(Custom Desc:) Congrats!

(Add title here:) Take control of a dominator by pressing H

They are only for challenges, nothing else. Notice: anyone can edit this and add their ideas :D


In this section there will be the kind of: Kill X amount of that polygon, or Find/Kill that polygon, and others related to polygons.

Cpt. Squarious

Kill 100 squares.

Pretty easy to do.


Get 6+ crashers to follow you at once.

Don't get caught!


Kill three triangles within 4 secs.

You just ended 9 angles, literally.

NOT like a boss

Kill a boss


Kill fifty pentagons

You killer!

Speed Chase

Get chased by more than 9 crashers for 9 seconds.

You're on the run.

Pentagon Master

Kill an Alpha Pentagon

Congratulations! :D

Kill yourself.

Kill a player named "yourself" or "you".

Why would you want to achieve this?

My parents...

Kill a player named "your mum" or "mum" or "my mum".



Infect 200 yellow squares as a Necromancer.

Your average undead.

Alpha Squaremancer

Infect 2000 yellow squares as a Necromancer.

Alright that's a hoard.

Omega Squaremancer

Infect 20000 yellow squares as a Necromancer.



Kill 6 Hexagons consecutively.

Wow, you seem six sided.

The Big Square

Kill an Alpha Square.

Look, mom! I killed my first alpha polygon!

And The Big Pentagon

kill an alpha pentagon

Mom! another one , and this is big!

Alpha chaser

kill an alpha dark red polygon

Mom!!! it tried to kill me!!!

Alpha Byter

kill an alpha polygon with the smasher or Landmine

MOM!!!!! Shut up Fred!!!

Large Angles

Kill an Alpha Triangle.

Them angles are large.


Kill a Heptagon.

All of this for 720 points?

I'm Superior!

Kill your first superior polygon.

Throw me the money!

Dollar Dollar

Kill a Golden Omega Pentagon.


Kill an Octagon.

Oooh.. pretty!

AFK finder

Kill an AFK player (it does not move for 1 minute)

easy points :D

Seed Lover

Collect 10 seeds Seeds grow faster by 5%


Collect 30 Seeds Seeds grow faster by 10%

Seed Expert

Collect 50 seeds seeds grow faster by 15%

Seed Grower

Collect 10 polygons from trees

Seed Machine

collect 30 polygons from trees

Seed Parasite

collect 50 polygons from trees


Achievements about scores/leaderboard places, etc.


Be #1 on the leaderboard for 30+ mins.

Well that's pretty hard..


Have a score of 1M in one session.

What the hell are you doing spending hours of gameplay trying to get this achievement?

Let's travel.

Stay near the 1st,2nd,or 3rd person for 120 seconds.

dont wanna mess with them.

Player Kills

These are for killing players.


Tripled I

Kill three level 45 tanks as a Triplet in one session.

Tripled II

Kill three level 45 tanks as a Triple Shot in one session.

Tripled III

Kill three level 45 tanks as a Tri-Trapper in one session.


Byter I

kill a player with the smasher or landmine

Byter II

kill 3 players with the smasher or landmine

Hardcore Byter

kill a player with a smasher with no body damage upgrade

Cold Blood

Destroy a mothership in Sandbox Gamemode

You heartless!


Eliminate an Arena Closer using a normal tank(not dominators, motherships, etc).

This man deserves a medal for killing an arena closer.

Home on the Range

Kill three level 45 tanks as a Ranger.

Enemy Friendly

assist any enemy killing another enemy,

what are you doing?!


Getting Started

Join the game as a Tier 1 Tank.

That's basic.

Tiers Up

Upgrade to a Tier 2 for the first time.

Getting better...!

Hopes Up

Upgrade to a Tier 3 for the first time

Nearly there!

Maxed out?

Upgrade to a Tier 4 for the first time

Here we are!

Not quite!

Upgrade to a Tier 5 for the first time

Wait what?

Level Cap

Upgrade to a Tier 6 for the first time

At last!

Limit Breaker

Upgrade to Tier 7 for the first time

Watching your back

Upgrade to Flank Guard 50 times.

How many siblings have you got?

Upgrade to Twin 50 times.


Upgrade to Machine Gun 50 times.


Upgrade to Sniper 50 times.

I must say, you're smashing

Upgrade to Smasher 50 times.


Upgrade to a Tier 2 1000 times with the same IP

Burn Baby Burn

Upgrade to a Flamethrower for the first time.

Prepare To Be Roasted

Upgrade to an Incinerator for the first time.

Cuckoo For Flame Puffs

Upgrade to a Pyromaniac for the first time.

Creationists Beware

Upgrade to a Big Bang Tank for the first time.

I'm Walking On Fire (Literally)

Get hit by a Napalm Splash and survive 50 times.

Stay Frosty

Upgrade to a Cryogenator for the first time.

2 Cold 4 U

Upgrade to a Zero Kelvin Tank for the first time.

2 Cold 4 Me

Get frozen by a Cryogenator or Zero Kelvin Tank and survive 50 times.

Boss Tanks

These are for those related to boss tanks.

Melee Rekt

Defeat a Boss Tank by means of only ramming.

Well, how in the world you did it?


Defeat ALL types of Boss Tanks in a single server.

You're practically insane, didn't you?

Booster Racing Competition

Defeat the Fallen Booster with your own Booster.

Yeah, totally a fair race...


Defeat a Boss Tank after it killed you.

Are you a zombie or what?

Second Titanic

Kill the Trident.

what's worse...An Iceberg or a tank?


These achievements have a secret solution that you have to find out yourself. Before being unlocked, the solution that appears for each secret achievement says, "This is a secret achievement. Unlock it to find out how you did in the first place!"

The Infection of

Get yourself killed by a person with this achievement.

No-shot victory

Get to level 45 without shooting.

Stick to One

Destroy one type of polygon 50 times in a row, without destroying other types of polygon.


Do nothing for 15 minutes. Not even rotating your tank.

1 to 2 , 2 to 3 what's next?

Destroy 3 green squares


Everything else goes here.


Load up the browser page.

That was easy.


Get killed by a mothership. (drones do not count)

She wanted to protect you.. i'm pretty sure.

Go Long!

Hit a Tank from the Dominator 3 times in row!

Achievement by: Mr.BigWallofText3

Hardcore Survival

Survive 10 secs after the arena closers spawned.

You still died after.. didn't you?

Dedicated Player

Stay in the same server for 2 hours.


Addicted Player

Stay in the same server for 3 hours.

I'm surprised that your eyes are still healthy after all this.



Ok, that's true MLG.

Berserk Mode

Spend 28 stat points in less than 10 secs.

Did you really wait to spend them to get this?

In Order

Get a build of 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7


Get chased by Base Defenders.

Stand still... maybe they like you?

Temporary Achievements

These are special as they give a certain amount of point when you achieve them. However you can earn them in every new server that you join.


Claim two Dominators. Gives: 20k Points

Bounty Hunter

Kill a tank that has 100k+ points. Award: 30k pts.


Kill a tank that has 400k+ points. Award: 170k pts.

James Bond Jr.

Kill a tank that has 1m+ points. Award: 250k pts.


You can edit this page to add things.

If you don't want to edit it just comment your ideas.

That's about it.

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