Don't tell me to describe the design. I'm not kidding, just don't. Seriously.

Basic Info

Adasba: That Ghidira-thing is eating my doritos! It must be destroyed! I will create something that can kill it.

10 hours later

Adasba: This is the mountain dew-fueled, insanely powerful ARWD! It will take my doritos back and destroy the Ghidorian Boss Tank!

Adasba's Robot War Dragon (ARWD) appears in its own gamemode, the ridiculous boss mode. 200 players are put up against a ridiculous boss, like this one, and have a battle to the death. Also, the boss is player controlled, not AI controlled. It is 10 alpha pentagons long.

ARWD has 1000x the health of an alpha pentagon, and has far too many cannons to describe separately. Basically, it has many guns that shoot bullets of all sizes forward and sideways, but mostly forward, and can also fire a ridiculous beam of destroyer bullets that bounce in random directions across the walls. It has even more back cannons to propel itself forwards faster than a booster. These back cannons also do normal damage. Remember that this thing acts as if it has double max stats, except for health, which is 1000x an alpha pentagon, and damage, which is 10x normal. The auto cannons fire bullets at a rate of 10 per second at the bullet speed of a sniper.

ARWD also has four AI controlled minions that do certain tasks.

The drone unit summons 6 drones every second and holds up to 40. The drones are AI controlled and automatically attack players, but they can also be controlled.

The trap unit summons 20 traps every second, and creates trap shields around ARWD if it is stationary.

The ram unit rams into players with its immense recoil and damage, taking them out easily.

The bullet unit spams bullets in all directions, creating a giant bullet shield.

These minions each have 50x the HP of an alpha pentagon, and if one dies, it is replaced two minutes later.

The ARWD has a special attack, which sends a rapid-fire stream of destroyer bullets out of the front for 10 seconds, which bounce off the walls and release gunner bullets in the process. The attack ends with a huge burst of bullets in all directions, and a shower of traps as well.

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