It is a Booster with 8 barrels, 1 in the front, 5 at the back (looks like a Penta-Shot's barrels) and 2 sniper barrels at the sides.



  • Bullet Damage=1/10 of Destroyer's bullet
  • Bullet Penetration=1/6 of Destroyer's bullet
  • Movement Speed=250% Faster
  • Reload=150% Faster


Good Against

  • Slooooow tanks
  • Sniper-class tanks
  • Overseer-class tanks

Weak Against

  • Spammer tanks (Optional: Good DPS)
  • Destroyer-class tanks

As the Aero-Booster

  • Never mind what's in front of you, you're always gonna be too late to reverse so just ram 'em.
  • If you're against bosses, you're recommended to use your back firing barrels to rekt them easily (and don't forget the recoiling).

Against the Aero-Booster

  • Do NOT go against an Aero-Booster if you don't have full reload.
  • Don't mess with them as they could be a rammer build.
  • Fight with the high DPS tanks. Here are the list:
    • Triplet
    • Sprayer
    • Streamliner (Not Recommended)
    • Another Aero-Booster
  • If you have the strategy, the ideal build and stuff, good luck fighting it with Overseer-related class.
  • Normal tanks go rekt.
  • If you spot one when you have stealth, hide.
  • If you're a Smasher, pray to god that you'll survive for the next 10 minutes.
  • NEVER go to the back of an Aero-Booster. Except when you're intending to commint suicide.


  • If this really exist, it's the fastest tank ever.
  • I'm still finding someone that could help me with the pics :P.
    • If you're making one, read the "Design" heading.
  • If you get killed when using one, an easter egg will appear. It will say either one of these:
    • Rekt, noob
    • Aero-Boosters shouldn't fall into your hands in the first place
    • Lolololol
    • Pitiful
    • Pathetic
    • Get a new tank!
    • Get lost, loser!
    • Everyone's laughing at you
    • He's laughing at you
    • She's laughing at you
    • Your Aero-Booster: Get zum zkillz n' call me in the morning!
    • Worthless!
    • "A noob is a noob," -HyperTales17
    • L3av3, zcrub
    • Ur n0t l33t
    • (-_-)
    • Lol (Repeat 100 times)
    • Flawless kill! (Or, is it?)
    • GTFO
    • ROTFL
      • This is because an Aero-Booster can be hardly killed.
  • Made by HyperTales17 Studemt by the day, YT by the night! (talk) 07:44, September 10, 2016 (UTC)

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