Ahinnilator-it is a boss tank created by Whert. Ahinnilator will spawn when summ of all tanks scores is bigger then 1M. It spawns at the center of map, and he will start shooting leader tank(Ahinnilator is neutral to all <45 level tanks, but he will start killing they when there is 0 45LVL tanks).


Ahinnilator is looking like yellow square with three destroyer guns formed like triplet(he is shoting bullets like arena closer, but his bullets are much slower). Also it has giant trapper gun on back(it has very big knockback), and sqare spawners at left and right sides. He spawns squares instantly, but can have only 8 of them. Each square can kill 4 pentagons.


Best way to kill Ahhinilator is team with other player and do "Domimator killing" strategy.


When someboby is killing ahhinilator, ahinilator will become grey, and there will spawn message: "AHHINILATOR was defeated by [player name]. Pres "H" to controll the AHHINILATOR.". When you press this button you will play Ahinnilator, but you have only 1\3 health. Its max upgraded level 195 tank. At second time re-control isn't working.

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