Don't worry. It's not the end...


A basic tank base, but with just a circle in the middle. When it fires, the circle tilts in the direction where you fired.


Sit in a protected area (Best in tdm, dominator, or any gamemode in the future that has bases) in a base or with a tritrapper protecter, click on the map, and FIRE!!!


No upgrading, no class upgrades, no hiding, and no polygons for 5 minutes in the game, and you have to be near enemies. Then a secret "Air-Strike" tank upgrade will replace the "Twin" tank upgrade.


  • This is my first tank page.
  • I will make more tanks that have these requirements that replace the "Sniper", "Machine Gun", and "Flank Guard" later on when I think of overpowered tank that would need these requirements in order to be balanced.
  • Please leave suggestions in the comments (Because I'm not creative).
  • TriTrapper is the best class.
  • Goodbye!

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