A mode that you can do whatever you want. So there is a World Editor in the bottom and you can spawn friendly/harmful AI Tanks,Make yourself indestuctable,add LvLs,add upgrade points,spawn blocks,make new classes(Adjust bullet penatration,damage,spread,bullet size,movement speed,health and even design them with a simple editor)and you can even save them for the this mode. The best part is that you can even change the game on your computer's appearance! Give it themes!!!! Oh yeah and the editor looks about the same as Microsoft Word.

Survive Mode: A simple mode that everybody is red, you are huge and fires out destroyer bullets. But you move slow. 1 hit from other players kill you and vice versa. There is no LV nor score.

New Tanks:

Obliterater : A Tank that have small bullet that spreads a lot at first but slowly bullets form together to bigger and bigger bullet. So basically face the enemy closely is like a less penatration Penta Shot with more reload, facing an enemy in medium distance is like a Buffed Machine Gun and facing and enemy in long distance is like a destroyer with more reload. Sorry Guys, no pics.

How to obtain:

Take the sprayer or destroyer in LV 30.

Silver Tank: Your tank body is silver and your bullets does more damage,more penatration,bigger silver(with some polish?) bullets. Looks identical as basic tank with some money to sell.

Also buffed with faster movement speed.

How to obtain:

Get to LV 15 in more than 1000 score(but if you don't have 1000 points in LV 15 than after obtaining 1000 points the upgrade will appear.

Gold tank: Your tank is now with 24K Gold(Coating?)! This tank now has as much reload as a machine gun yet is has better accuracy. Also it has boosted Health. It looks identical as the basic tank but now with....*cough*Anything,Anything,Anything 4 Money*cough* I mean some Shiny Shiny Stuff.

How To Obtain:(And sell?)

Stay as Basic Tank to LV30 with 5000 points.(Again, same as Silver tank, it will appear after you get the points even if you have insufficient points)

Diamond Tank:

(You have permission to edit below, this is LV45)

Platinum Tank:

(You have permission to edit below, this Too is LV45)

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