A game mode, just like lots of other ones.


Apocalypse Mode offers various types of challenges that the players have to surpass, and only their level of skill shall determine how long they will last. But one thing is sure. No one can win.


Upon the server being populated by 5-10 players, 3 rolls will determine the settings:

First roll will choose the type of apocalypse between: Zombie, Bot or World War.

Second roll will define how quickly the difficulty will increase, between Normal/Hard/Overkill.

Third roll will tell if the game will be played as a "mission" or normal. This will change different things in different settings.

Chances are: 40% zombie, 25% bot and 35% world war.

Other chances: 55% normal, 30% hard and 15% Overkill.

Other other chances: 20% mission 80% normal.


  • The best of teamwork is required if you want to survive for the longest.
  • In the very least you will need to use a form of text chat or vocal chat so you can communicate strategies. The best is to be in the same room.
  • You cannot survive in the Bot setting without friends.
  • The Zombie Mode could be the one requiring the most variety of skills.
  • The World War setting is the one which gives the player the biggest disadvantage.

Still in-dev.

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