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They tell tales of one lost in his mind. He has lived far longer than any of us, locked in his tower. They don't know the troubles he has caused, with his prophecies and melting shenanigans. But we know that one fateful day he will release the one true terror of all upon our world. And he will be powerless to stop it after being its savior. It once ruled our world, mistreated our kind, worked as a tyrannical god to the Realm. And the Archprophet will be all to blame when the realm returns to that state. Now... he is our key. He is what we need to seek and destroy. For he is the one who brought upon us the evil in the world. Will it be just another joke... or will he bring the malicious being forth that is Panzer?


The Archprophet is a Boss Tank that used to be killed at the nigh endgame of Fortress Mode, reachable by gathering 50 Arch Key Pieces by conquering 'Cathedral' ranked Dungeons. Now, he can only be battled and fought in the Tower of Gladii after a series of events have been performed. After these steps have been successfully completed, the Tower of Gladii gamemode will appear for 24 hours. The Archprophet is classified as a Legendary Boss.


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My Themes Dedicated to Him:

Archie is jamming

The Archprophet jamming to his tunes. He uses XXL headphones.

Panzer Rules



Reaching the battle with the Archprophet is actually a much more difficult task than it used to be. Before, all you had to do was win Fortress Mode, which appeared on alternating Thursdays. Now, it is a much more complicated and involved process that you need to really work for. There are seven steps to making the Tower of Gladii gamemode spawn. From the main menu, you can see what step people are on in reaching him, marked by coins in a bar with different symbols. When the step has been completed, the coin will replace the gray circle meant to hold it in the bar.

I'm not even going to try to explain how all of these are connected story-wise. Every game mode listed here will have a story section on their pages describing how it connects to both the prior and next step.

  • One team must first beat Fortress Mode, the boss of which has been replaced with the Archpuppet. This is a very easy task compared to the following. The symbol for this coin in the bar is a castle-like picture.
  • The next day, you must now enter The Archprophet's Vault, seeing as beating the Archpuppet enough times increases its chances of spawning. So long as one group succeeds in beating Nostradamus, this step is complete. If The Archprophet's Vault does not spawn following a day of Fortress Mode, you must restart and wait until it next appears (killing the Last Warden of the Tower has a chance of making Fortress Mode appear on days it normally wouldn't, so you can abuse this to make the Archprophet fightable whenever). The symbol for this coin is the sword Nostradamus uses during Phase 3 of his fight.
  • Over the next few days, the Archprophet will begin sending out Transmissions and angry messages warning the Tank Empire that they'll be sorry if they keep impeding with his plans. Following this, the next morning he will release Belisarius into The Realm multiple times. Over the course of this day, Belisarius' main fortress will spawn throughout the regions of The Realm, with it very rarely appearing too close to Imperium (the spawn zone). Belisarius must be defeated within The Realm at least ten times to proceed. The spawning of his fortress can be seen in more detail here: Iron Gauntlet.
  • After the encounters with Belisarius, Dr. Lacus will enter the mess and a series of Transmissions will be sent out. So then, the following day, Mad Science will be accessible from the Realm Map for 24 hours.


Once the seven steps have been complete, a gamemode entitled "Tower of Gladii", will be available from the Realm Map, located at, you guessed it, the Tower of Gladii on the map. This gamemode will be available for 24 hours after the seventh step concludes. Every time a run of the Tower of Gladii ends, another one will begin. Depending on how long each run takes, the Archprophet can be killed a number of times.

After the Tower of Gladii event vanishes, the seven steps cannot be completed for another two weeks, making him very much a world-wide event that is very rare and hard to complete without godly cooperation both in the lead-up and during the fight.



The Archprophet as interpreted by Akkaviv.

The Archprophet is a large red tank a bit larger than the size of a Dominator body. He has two 'arms' extending from his sides that end in fiery red 'hands' (which are just smaller tank bodies). He wears a large golden crown with a glowing purple gem and four black spikes extending from around it. Covering most of his face is a black skull mask, with two red eyes piercing from behind the eyeholes. He wears a long flowing golden yellow cape, which can also be interpreted as a scarf at times. It's weird.

He is commonly shown in casual situations as holding an 'I <3 Panzer' coffee mug, Panzer being the name of the great god of the realm he is trying to free from a sub-dimension the tank race locked him away him. His skull mask can adjust its eyes to show his expressions or emotions, as shown in the image with him wearing headphones.


The below are all just records from the chroniclers. None of the below information is considered fact.

The Archprophet cannot be described in any one word or phrase. His actions are evil at heart, but his presentation suggests so much more. Every time a word escapes his mouth, you have to wonder if he really means it, or if its all just part of a mask he's built up around himself in an attempt to be nothing but the idol he needs to be. The Archprophet is willing to do anything to achieve his goals, going as far to destroy entire cities and slaughter the populous if they do not agree to benefit or convert unto him in any way. And yet, when confronted in face to face situations, he will subvert and distract your attention by cracking jokes, diverting the intensity of the situation, or if he's in the mood, just downright hilariously insulting anyone he berates and butts heads with.

Described as an analytical mastermind by many, do not mistake the guise he has put on when humorously shouting things and hamming it up. Deep beneath the thick hide of paranoia the Archprophet has constructed around himself is a ruthless and megalomaniac ritualist who once sought to free his people, now in a pact with worship itself to return their godly oppressor. He claims it is because Panzer was never bad to begin with, and happened to never think about the individual lives of every tank, but that comes off as very hard to believe due to this dastardly villain's actions. He announces he is a speaker for Panzer, and in doing so blames his ever-so 'benevolent' god indirectly for every death at him and his cult's hands.

Don't trust a word that dares emerge from the throat of the vile Archprophet, even if its a death wish against yourself. He may not put himself first, but that is only because he cares about Panzer's well-being more than his own, and you can best damn forget he cares about the lives of any who serve under him, including his most faithful inner circle. If they become obstacles, he will dispose of them without question. The Archprophet is among the most complex entities to have ever been created by Panzer's hands. Beware or fall victim to the wrath of the Archprophet.

The Fight


Beginning State

The Archprophet is fought in the Sanctum, the (usually) final room people can enter in the Tower of Gladii gamemode. It is a large spacious area, a wide rectangular shape with a half circle like raised platform at the back of the room. Two pillars reside evenly spaced apart at the center left and right sides of the rectangular area of the Sanctum. The back hall (this game has depth) has a giant orange arch window with a pattern on it, flooding light into the Sanctum from the back in a spreading orange beam. Small tall half circle windows like those on a church line the side walls, bringing in smaller beams of orange light.

The floor is made of dark gray hexagonal stone tiles, with the elevated half circle extension platform being a solid light gray color.

Second State

Once the Archprophet dips below 400,000 health, an audio cue in the form of a quote listed under that section will sound, and the Archprophet will quickly move to the elevated platform, in front of the window. From there, he will raise his arms and squint his eyes angrily, as red lightning strikes from above, and lava cracks will begin forming between the tiles with a shake of the arena.

Third State

Once the Archprophet dips below 150,000 health, an audio cue in the form of a quote listed under that section will sound. The arena will darken, and with a flash of white light, all the windows will break with a glass shattering sound effect, making the light not as orange. The cracks in the tiles grow larger. Mechanically they do not change, only graphically. Rain will begin pouring in, and lightning will sometimes cause a white flash for the rest of the battle, implying the roof has caved in.

Final State

When the Archprophet begins his 'Last Hurrah' stage at 5% health. One final time, will he glow with power, alongside a quote audio cue as he moves to the center of the arena. Will throw out both his arms as his eyes begin glowing white and the pillars collapse, to make room for his bullet hell. Other than that, its relatively the same as the Third State of the arena.


  • Fireball Storm: Will throw both his arms outward to the left and right of him, as his eyes go 'happy' (like in the image of him with headphones). Both of his hands will then gather eight fireballs around them, one at a time. The rings of eight fireballs will all then fire out together keeping formation, at the closest player, and then when they reach the end of their range, boomerang back to his hands before vanishing. Fireballs inflict Burning for 3 seconds. His signature attack.
  • Chain Lightning: Will cross his left arm over to his lower right side, as it will begin crackling with red electricity. He will then cross it back to his left side and raise it upward. The Archprophet will then fire a blast that chains six players, dealing damage to them, and inflicting Slowed on them for 2 seconds.
  • Mirage: Will raise his right hand as it glows cyan and his yellow cape will flap in the wind. Following this, he will vanish and appear with four clones, two on each side. All five of them will all move in a line, firing Destroyer bullets repeatedly at the tank closest to each of them. This will end when all four clones have been hit at least once, or after a few seconds. When a clone is hit, it flickers and vanishes, releasing a ring of eight Destroyer bullets.
  • Mirror Wall: Will stop moving, go Invincible, and release eight barriers, like a Protector would. They shoot out in groups of four like a Quad Tank, and begin rotating. One of the groups is closer than the other, so you need to precisely time when to shoot, or your bullets will be reflected. Lasts roughly ten seconds, but he cannot move during this time. Will select attacks while hidden behind the barriers.
  • Judgment Day: Will begin pointing his left hand quickly in random directions, as a bunch of areas will quickly be marked by targets on the floor in that direction. Five seconds later, all of them will explode in a ring of 16 bullets each as he throws both his arms out and laughs with fire particles spinning around him.
  • Line Blast: Will hold both of his arms in front of him and they will begin glowing a brilliant bright blue. Streams of bullets will begin shooting out and rotating rapidly around the Archprophet for about 10 seconds, or until they connect with a player. The Archprophet himself will remain relatively immobile during this time.
  • Force Field: Will cross his arms and squint his eyes, as he surrounds himself in a green force field with a flickering golden dragon symbol on the front of it that phases in and out of visibility. This field destroys all bullets that touch it. While in there, he summons 10-14 random Dungeon Crawlers (no Disciples) and recovers health. Kill all the enemies, and he will come out of his shield.
  • Smoke Burst: Will hold up a hand to his skull mask, and the sound of exhaling and blowing will sound, as from his flaming hand is released a homing cloud of smoke that slowly gets bigger, but vanishes after 6 seconds. Players that touch the cloud get Poisoned and Blinded.
  • Realmbreak: His eyes will sparkle red and glow white for about a second, as three Portals get summoned somewhere nearby him. These Portals will then begin summoning in Dungeon Crawlers and act as normal Portals do. When the summoned Portals collapse, hordes of 8-12 Tears of Panzer are fired out, making the battle hectic until they are destroyed.
  • Shadow Ball: Will put both of his hands together in front of his body and looks down at them angrily as a giant flashing purple and black energy ball grows between his hands. Following this, he will throw both arms downward, releasing a flashing black and purple bullet that homes in slowly on players. It has the damage of a max Body Damage Spike, and can only be destroyed by shooting at it enough. It has a general health of 1000, and will bounce around and sustain heavy knockback when struck.
  • Spear Dance: Will sweep his left arm from right to left, summoning a line of five lances in front of him one at a time, about five tiles away from each other, an placed in an arc around his front. A second later, he will thrust his left hand forward, and send them flying outward. They will release bullets behind them like a Skimmer, but only a singular trail instead of two diagonal ones.
  • Cachinnate Apace: Will face a direction, raise whatever arm would be in that direction up diagonally, and then spews forth sound waves of bullets from his mouth in the form of a weaponized laugh, of course with a laughing animation.
  • Armageddon: The Archprophet will raise both arms, and red lightning will crackle between them. Following this, he will connect them together in front of his crown, releasing four red laser beams evenly spaced apart in the cardinal directions. A second will pass, and then they will fire out again in the diagonal directions. He will then look slightly upward and shake back and forth laughing, as red glowing bullets are fired out from his still glowing hands in random directions, his body crackling with lightning arcs as he does so.
  • Shadow Fists: Will stop moving and ball up both of his hands and hold both of his arms up in front of them almost like he was gonna box. They will glow purple and he will squint his eyes as giant black hands with purple outlines appear at his top-left and top-right. He will then proceed to punch his left and right arms forward in a random order. The giant shadow hands will then do the exact same thing slowly, dealing massive damage if touched and pushing those hit back far.
  • Black Storm: Will throw out both of his arms out as small black particles begin swirling around them and then collapsing inward on them, followed by a screen consuming white flash that starts as a light from the Archprophet. Then from behind him, two giant waves of tiny black bullets that inflict Stunned and push players around will sweep through from both sides of him, curving around his body in tides, one on each side. The wave will then spread out as it travels in front.
  • Crown Beam: The Archprophet takes off his crown, holds it in front of him, and the gem shines an intense ray of light that momentarily fills up the screen with a white flash before releasing 7 thin laser beams that sweep back and forth randomly, in 175 degree arcs centered on the crown. Lasts 6 seconds and the beams when touched inflict Blinded and Paralyzed for 7 seconds.
  • Crown Beam Duex: A much rarer form of Crown Beam that has a 1/20 chance to replace its use. The Archprophet takes off his crown, holds it in front of him, and the gem shines an intense ray of light that momentarily fills up the screen with a white flash before releasing 7 thin laser beams each a different color of the rainbow, that will begin by sweeping back and forth within a 150 degree angle, before slowly merging together into a giant thick rainbow colored beam over the course of six seconds. This single powerful beam will sweep back and forth itself for about 2 more seconds very quickly. The concentrated beam does up to 8x as much as damage as each individual beam, so the 7 second Blindness and Paralyzing should be the least of concerns.
  • Egregiousness: One of his hands will glow bright red as an energy ball grows in it. Following this, he will frisbee it out in the direction of whatever hand started the attack, and it will explode into laser beams that go in seven random directions after travelling about 30 tiles.
  • Appraise: Will look downward, close his eyes, and nod his head side to side in disappointment as his hand comes up to his mask. Following this he will start zapping lasers at random players around this from his eyes.
  • Focus Ray: Will put his hands together in front of his body as a purple and blue field of energy moves around him. A few seconds later, he will shout and grunt loudly as a black and purple ball, kind of like a Portal in design, is placed down where he charged, as he dodges to the left or right following its creation. A second later, a shockwave with no effect on gameplay will sound, as the energy vortex begins firing a high power concentrated black and purple laser beam that tracks the closest player at an almost one to one speed. This portal lasts for about 8 seconds, and the Archprophet will continue on using more abilities as the vortex remains.
  • Helleport: A whole bunch of fire particles will spiral around his body as he puts his right hand up to his face like the cliche ninja shhhhh. He will then fade into invisibility, and reappear elsewhere in a spiral of fire particles. Can be used to escape being surrounded or cornered.
  • Last Hurrah: Used at 5% health. He goes Invincible, moves to the center, and releases an indescribable bullet hell that lasts a long time and has many stages of pattern switches.

Special Attack

ZathusBoss Archprophet Mini

A small Archprophet on a transparent background. Also done by Graviatar.

  • The Mug: Pulls out his famous "I <3 Panzer" coffee mug, and splashes its contents forward in a spray of random sized bullets moving at different speeds. Players hit will be effected with certain Debuffs depending on the drink.
    • Coffee: Tanks will be given the Unfocused and Speedy effects.
    • Tea: Tanks will be given Poisoned and Confused.
    • Hot Chocolate: Tanks will be given Burned and Slowed.
    • Lemonade: Non-existent, and a myth, because no one drinks lemonade out of a mug.



He Who Laughs In The Tower

More art by Transforming Eevee.

In the middle of the screen, in red letters, these words will appear once all of your team members have entered the Sanctum before the fight begins. They will appear according to the bullet points one at a time.

  • "Foolish mortals. You have no idea who you stand before, or even more-so... who you are dealing with!" (The screen will go dark as the Archprophet begins appearing against the shadow. First all that can be seen is the gem of his crown).
  • "The trouble you have caused me is inconceivable. And you consider yourselves the heroes?" (His eyes will appear red piercing against the darkness. His skull mask is slightly illuminated by this).
  • "You raided my tower, killed my missionaries, sacked my treasury, and now plan to kill the speaker for god?" (The screen will flash once with a thunder sound, revealing the room clearly for about half a second)
  • "And yet you still wish to fight? Knowing that in the end your pesky and pathetic lives hang in the balance? Your foolishness guides your fate..." (The darkness of the room slowly begins to fade and golden-orange light fills the halls of the Sanctum)
  • "Well then, let us dance a dance of death, mortals!" (The room becomes regularly illuminated, and he pulls out his coffee mug and takes a sip)

The Archprophet will then release a final 'Oh ho ho...' and then, the battle will begin...


Note that unlike most bosses you see in games nowadays, the Archprophet doesn't 'Not shut up', and his banter pool is large enough to almost never have lines said more than once in a given battle, and it usually takes a LOT of Archprophet fights to hear them all. This is what makes the 'Battle of Wits' achievement so special, and keeps him from becoming one of those villains that just say stupid things over the entire course of the fight. He maybe says one of these every minute or so, and the battle is quite long regardless, and most of the time he'll just stop talking if the fight doesn't seem to be progressing in any sort of way...


The Archprophet's design in Curtain of Steel. Art by ZathusTheMageV.

Randomly Said

  • "If only you knew the full story! Oh ho ho!"
  • "Continue to hold onto your close-minded views dearly. They will lead you to your demise!"
  • "Turn back now. Join the Cult! You get a cool cape!"
  • "Abandon all hope, ye who wander here..."
  • "Your puny Tank Empire is no more than a cockroach to squash under the foot of the Cult!"
  • "Silly assailants, your little weapons do not harm me. Go cowering back in your arenas..."
  • "Let's play a little game. I summon forth lethal spells. And you DIE!"
  • "My disciples have long awaited the day I could finally restore Panzer to the realm. It's best if you don't impede!"
  • "I would crack my knuckles in anticipation of your destruction, but alas I do not have fingers".
  • "You should probably know I am also a part time cult DJ and music expert. Of course, should I have let you live, you could have bought my mixtape. But you deserve your fate!"
  • "If only you had listened to more than just the Tank Empire propaganda. You would have had open eyes and joined me oh so long ago. How heretical you've all become..."
  • "Am I the big bad to you?"
  • "You raid my tower. Loot my treasury. Slay my followers. And yet I am the only one to have done terrible things? We're both stained in past mistakes... accept it..."
  • "You're only here swinging swords and bleeding blood because you couldn't spare a second chance to GOD?!"
  • "It takes a special kind of arrogance to match someone as stubborn as myself. For that I applaud you".
  • "Oh ho ho, yes! Cower in fear! Hide in my shadow from the gaze of my master!"
  • "And its just the beginning too. Wait until you get to the V-... I've said too much!"
  • "Ah ha ha ha! I put the hot in psychotic!"
  • "It's not things would change! Oh ho ho, do you not know that he keeps me safe from death!?"
  • "I could be doing so many better things right now, instead of ending the lives of already doomed mortals..."
  • "Ah yes, nothing like the smell of burning heretics in the morning!"
  • "I can shatter you as easily as a pane of glass!"
  • "You meddle with power incomprehensible to those like yourselves!"
  • "Getting warmer! But you're just not HOT ENOUGH!"
  • "Little did they know Panzer was going to kill them too..."
  • "This must have been the battle you've been looking forward too for ages! Too bad you meddlesome annoyances are no less than target practice!"
  • "I seldom understand how miserable minions like you got this far!"
  • "You kill me over and over. How about I play the same game? Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Demonize me as you wish. Did you expect me to wear angel wings and a halo to complete my plans?! Good things come in terrifying forms..."
  • "Don't make me play my trap card!"
  • "Skull masks are in. And you? YOU SHOULD BE GETTING OUT!"
  • "Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need!"

Special Quotes


He is angry and will destroy you.

  • "Ah ha ha ha! Destroy you!? Easier done than said!" (Said somewhere near the start of the battle, while his health is above 500k)
  • "Typical of you to be so primitive! I should have expected no less than tiny guns and little spikes. You test the patience of a god, fools!" (Said somewhere near the start of the battle, while his health is above 500k)
  • "Oh how the turns have tabled!" (Said if half of the players who entered the battle have died)
  • "Remove the heretics from our sanctuary..." (Occasionally said when using Realmbreak)
  • "You may be able to fight me... but can you fight yourselves?" (Occasionally said when using Mirror Wall)
  • "Do you fear your own shadow?" (Occasionally said when using Shadow Ball)
  • "Ah ha ha ha ha ha! You made me do this!" (Occasionally said before using Crown Beam)
  • "Not even hell could prepare for that which you are about to face..." (Always said before using Crown Beam Duex)
  • "You fools disappoint me!" (One of the quotes that can be said before Appraisal)
  • "What failures you all manage to be..." (One of the quotes that can be said before Appraisal)
  • "Oh ho ho! You don't even deserve to be called Assailants!" (One of the quotes that can be said before Appraisal)
  • "What an unimaginable defeat you face!" (One of the quotes that can be said before Appraisal)
  • "BOOOOORRRRRIIIIISSS! Bring me another drink! This is taking longer than expected..." (Only said if Boris the Ghost Butler was not killed this run)
  • "AGH! DO SOMETHING BORIS!" (Rarely said if Boris the Ghost Butler was killed this run)
  • "Where is that sorry excuse for a..." (Mumbled a few seconds following the above quote)
  • "Needless to say, should you have killed my butler, I'm going to double kill all of you..." (A few seconds even after the above quotes)
  • "The tablets told me the inevitable. And if only you'd have listened, OH HO HO!" (One of the five quotes that can be said if all players die in the battle)
  • "This is why you do not raid the tower. AH HA HA HA HA HEE HA HAAAA!" (One of the five quotes that can be said if all players die in the battle)
  • "It's too bad. Perfectly good lives that could have been good use to the Cult..." (One of the five quotes that can be said if all players die in the battle)
  • "Oh ho ho! And now, certainly, you shall endure ETERNAL SUFFERING!" (One of the five quotes that can be said if all players die in the battle)
  • "At long last! Another undecided victory, and another cockroach squashed! AH HA HA HA HA HEE HA HAAAA!" (One of the five quotes that can be said if all players die in the battle)

Very Special Quotes

Quotes that usually trigger an Arena State change (AKA fake phases) or huge fight mechanic. Also accompanied by their own animations

  • "It's not like the weaklings to get this far. Oh ho ho! And yet it's all just beginning! I can tap into HIGHER POOOOOWWWEEERRR! AH HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!" (When Arena State 2 is entered. While the line is being said, the Archprophet will quickly move to the elevated platform, in front of the window. From there, he will raise his arms and squint his eyes angrily, as red lightning strikes from above, and lava cracks will begin forming between the tiles with a shake of the arena. Following the quote, he will grunt loudly with anger with a screen shake and flash of white light, and use a much more powerful version of the Focus Ray attack, which has a faster travelling a higher damage beam.)
  • "Pushing me to my limits like the indisputable and resilient scum you are, eh?! Well, this is still a warm up! I will shatter you like GLASS!" (When Arena State 3 is entered. The arena will darken, and with a flash of white light, all the windows will break with a glass shattering sound effect, making the light a lot less orange. The cracks in the tiles grow larger. Mechanically they do not change, only graphically. Rain will begin pouring in, and lightning will sometimes cause a white flash for the rest of the battle, implying the roof has caved in. He will wince sometimes before and after using an attack from here-on, showing that continuing to fight is actually hurting him)
  • "BOOOOOORRRRIIIS! Initiate evacuation of the worshippers! These mortals are to be ANNIHILATED! Oh ho ho, ah ha hee ha ha haaaa!" (Sometimes said a few seconds after Arena State 3 is entered if Boris the Ghost Butler was not killed this run. While doing this, he will lose focus and become Broken, turning in the direction to his right and shouting with a hand near his mask as to amplify the sound. If this happens, Realmbreak will no longer be used, as the Archprophet has had the Tower of Gladii evacuated in fear he would destroy it in his anger, not wanting to kill his followers)
  • "Enough is enough! OH HO HO! AND NOW I NEED TO SHOUT ABOVE YOUR SORROWS AS I RELEASE MY ULTIMATE ATTACK! LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I'M JUST WARMING UP!" (When starting to use Last Hurrah. One final time, will he glow with power, alongside a quote audio cue as he moves to the center of the arena. Will throw out both his arms as his eyes begin glowing white and the pillars collapse, to make room for his bullet hell. Other than that, its relatively the same as the Third State of the arena.)
  • "This dance of death is reaching its turning point. The crescendo followed by the collapse! We dance our endless lives away in the perpetuity of a song that doesn't end! THAT SONG? THE MIDDLE ERA!" (Said when Last Hurrah is halfway over. Seeing as he's stuck releasing indescribable hell surrounded in moving barriers and bullets, he won't move much. He's trying to concentrate.)
  • "What a shame, oh ho ho..." (When Last Hurrah ends. Has no other special accompaniment such as an animation, save for him returning to his original pattern, which won't last long since he always uses Last Hurrah on death's door.)
  • "No! NO! Defeat at the hands of powerless mortals! It cannot end like this. AGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! (The 'Normal' death animation described below will then play)

Death Animation


ZathusBoss ArchprophetDead

End result of the 'Normal' death animation.

The Archprophet will look down and to the right grabbing his body just below the skull mask with his arms in pain, and his eyes will go large and wide in fear, as white light begins glowing in them. Beams of white light will shoot out from all around his body, followed by him exploding in a white flash that consumes the screen, his black silhouette crumbling to dust while the white screen consumes for about another second. When the flash goes away, all that's left is the crown and crumbled cape sitting on a pile of ash.

After about three more seconds, a faint but echoing 'Oh ho ho' will sound as the crown's gem goes a blood red, and vanishes in a red flash. The screen will then fade to black.

If The Void Is Accessible

(The Archprophet will collapse, and his eyes will fill with fear.)

  • "No! NO! Defeat at the hands of powerless mortals!" (Will raise his arm outward and fake cough)
  • "You have bested me... It cannot end like this" (Falls closer to the players)

(All the players will then automatically move closer)

  • "Oh ho ho! And it will not! SUCKEEEEERS! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!"

(The Archprophet will then retreat really quickly to the back of the room as the camera pans to a previously hidden hallway at the top right of the Sanctum, going to the right. The camera stays there as the Archprophet runs off down it, with the sound of rapid footsteps playing. It is implied he enters the portal to The Void a few seconds later, as a warping sound effect plays a few seconds later.

(The camera will then pan back down to the players as they are given control again, able to go up and walk down the End Corridor themselves, and enter The Void...)



Archprophet's mask with various different expressions. By ZathusTheMageV.

Regardless of which of the Death Animations play above, all players will receive the same rewards at his defeat, save for one, who gets an extra bonus if The Void spawns and they dealt the final blow to the Archprophet.

  • All players will receive anywhere from 10-20 Panzer Tokens dependent on damage a player did to him, making him the most reliable source of the coins. They can be collected from smaller minor bosses like Sons of Panzer, but rarely, and even then, Tears of Panzer at a 0.5% rate.
    • Players who are present at his death are guaranteed 10 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 1 damage will get 11 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 2000 damage will get 12 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 5000 damage will get 13 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 10,000 damage will get 14 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 20,000 damage will get 15 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 35,000 damage will get 16 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 40,000 damage will get 17 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 45,000 damage will get 18 Panzer Tokens.
    • Players who do at least 52,500 damage will get 19 Panzer Tokens.
    • And players who did at least 60,000 damage (1/10 of his health) will get 20 Panzer Tokens.
  • The defeat of the Archprophet can give multiple Achievements over various fights with him, the one for just witnessing his death being 'Hericide'. Others such as 'Battle of Wits' can be earned just by hearing everything he has to say.
  • Players who are present at the end of a fight with the Archprophet get a special mark on their Completion Guide, which can be found at the Profile Page of a player.
  • If The Void is to be entered at the end of a run of Tower of Gladii, the player who did the final blow will get access to the special 'Cape of the Prophet' power up, which allows the player to use a Fireball Storm-like bonus attack while in The Void.



Another image of the Archprophet in Curtain of Steel, walking with CoS Dr. Lacus, and an outdated Belisarius.

  • He also has the name "He Who Laughs In The Tower".
  • A lot of people apparently don't know the proper pronunciation of 'Archprophet'. 'Arch' is not said as in 'Archway', but as in 'Ark' or 'Arc'.
  • He is also well known for telling the prophecies of what the next Mega Boss as part of Panzer's return will be.
  • The reason he never dies forever, is because despite being sealed away, Panzer can still impose his force upon the realm, minimally. He revives those he sees necessary, essentially making them immortal. The Archprophet is one of these people. This is why The Veil never came back from death like any of the other Sons of Panzer. Panzer just considered him a burden...
  • As a running joke by fans of The Tale of Diep series, the Archprophet is commonly portrayed in casual situations as holding a coffee mug that reads "I <3 Panzer" on it. This is why his 'special attack' involves this asset. The original was created by Mr.BigWallOfText3
  • The Archprophet is actually now a user on this wikia!
    • The 'character' of the Archprophet is actually a mix of Fawful (Mario and Luigi series), Dr. T (from Boom Beach), and a bit of Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet & Clank series).
      • That last one was the ultimate reason he got a butler he shouts at a lot.
        • His 'Void Death Animation' where he fakes out the players into thinking he's surrendering is also a reference to the final fight with Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. At the end of Phase 1 he pulls a similar trick.
  • Every time you see him laugh 'Oh ho ho!', its actually just him saying that with a mocking tone out loud, not actually a laugh. His actual laugh usually manifests in the form of Heh heh heh! or Hee hee ha ha hee ha ha ha HA!
  • Graviatar's interpretation (the Infobox art and the one below Akkaviv's) is generally considered his official design.
  • As of Feb 22nd, 2017 (two days into the 'Return of Panzer event', the buildup to the fight HAS been changed.
    • His health was increased to 400,000 from 250,000 with this change, because any number of players can join, and there is only one server in this gamemode, so every player who joins Tower of Gladii are all in the same server, allowing pretty much an endless number of players from fighting him.
      • His health was once again lowered to 250,000 on March 28th to show a clear gap in power between him and the Avatar of Panzer.
      • With the Health Overhaul of April 17th, the Archprophet's health more than doubled to 600,000. The Avatar of Panzer was raised to 1.2 million health to still show the gap in strength between a god and his prophet. ;)
  • The attack "cachinnate apace" is inspired by a conversation in chat where we made the name "He Who Laughs in the Tower" overtly complex and "cachinnate apace" is a fancy way of saying "Laughs In".
  • Contrary to popular belief, the eyes are not part of the skull mask.
  • The crown and scarf cape are his most symbolic design pieces throughout the series, being used in The Void and by the Avatar of Panzer in many of its phases.
    • Yes, his cape is both a cape, and a scarf. Its always debated, and has been since the dawn of time among cultists.
  • His spawn message actually plays when the door to his arena open, not when he spawns. That's why he has a whole big intro animation sequence with dialogue. :/
  • While the current stand-in BGM (despite him actually having his own battle theme in the final game) being from something called Elsword, I actually knew that theme from its use in Nilly's Realm and had no idea of it actually existing outside of that. That means the rest of the soundtrack of that game is probably just as incredible.
  • The Crown Beam attack was created by Diepmon.
    • Crown Beam Duex was created by me, and is inspired by the Last Prism item from Terraria.
  • Panzer and the Archprophet share a strange relationship. Without Panzer, the Archprophet would never be able to survive death after death, and without the Archprophet, Panzer would forever be stuck in The Void.
    • Many assumed (and still do assume) that Panzer would dispose of the Archprophet immediately after being freed, but BIG SECRET 4: THE OMEGA, showed this was not the case. Panzer rewards loyalty, and if it weren't for the Archprophet's tactics, the old god may not have even had a cult. Just his old creations.
  • Winner of the First Conception Tournament in Complex Bosses category.
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