Arena Closer (Game Mode) is a Conception, aka an Idea/Suggestion for It is not in the game yet.

A mode with a team that are Arena Closers (but with a visible health bar, the health is about a third of a Dominator's but without upgraded Health Regen) and a team that are regular tanks. (noobs) All players spawn in a large central area, with 4 Arena Closers spawning from the corners. (They're playable here.) The Arena Closers only appear after enough players have joined, and for variety will come in both the new and old class. However, they are both about as strong. They gradually appear, but will eventually stop. Then, once enough players join, a big wave of Arena Closers come, their spawn delayed to this special moment. After that, it's a massive Free For All as the noobs desperately try to overcome the onslaught and destroy the Arena Closers before it's too late. The frantic and fast-paced Boss fight is an exciting team mode without a moment to rest.

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