how the arid mode would look like (if you ignore the sky)

Arid mode is a special mode created by.Just like most of hazardguy43 modes it has huge maps and boss tanks


Arid mode takes place in the world where sun ages so fast it has increased world temperatures by about 1000-1200 degrees farenheit.This has damaged lots of places in the world and has evaporated almost all of water except of those water in the deepest parts of the world

The sun is shining deadly

This game mode features new elements

1) Lava lakes and rivers - the arid mode map is filled with lot of lakes and rivers filled with lava that often burst out some lava.Nothing but smashers,arena closers and boss tanks can pass through them.Normal tanks will die instantly if they jump into lava

2) Canyons and cliffs - one can climb on them and jump from them.When something drops from them it takes damage.If you jump in canyon you will have to backtrack to special pathway

3) Sun rays - they constantly damage all tanks that are exposed to it except tanks that go invisible when idle.If you stay exposed for 1-2 minute you will become nothing but burning rust.Staying in the area with sun rays increases your heat

4) Shadowy areas - protect you from sun rays and lowers your heat.Often found near cliffs

5) Portals - work like island mode and polar mode portals.Except they have to recharge for 5 seconds after someone teleports

6) Demon circles - these polygons have demon horns,red color and trident.They charge at any tank they encounter.One of the last XP sources since you can find only 3-4 polygons at the whole map

7) Burning holes - these holes have constant fire that damages any tank that passes through them

8) Polygon safehouse - one of few places with some polygons.Can spawn any polygon.Found on random place of the map

9) Soundtrack - this mode adds some new soundtracks.Mostly post apocalypic music such as aftermath from quake 1

10) Flame turret - fires constant stream of fire at its enemies,found randomly

11) Barracks - the spawn place for each team,entire place is shadowed from the heat,security includes:

Magnifying turrets - use sun rays to blast insanely hot and bright light,this easily obliterates anything

12) Fire whip - emerges from random lava lake or river.Bashes anyone nearby,causing burning effect

13) Solar flare - every 6-7 minutes at least 14 solar flares will hit the map.Instantly killing anything it touches

14) Dark den - this is where the boss resides.Several areas of the dark den are filled with holes that allow sunlight to pass,filled with lots of lava lakes and fire holes.This makes dark den extremely dangerous without smasher class,flame turrets are common.

In the random part of the map there will be a huge rock that will spawn a boss when destroyed.

After the boss is dead 2 things can happen :

1) arena closers come out normally

2) arena closers dont come but instead the entire map begins to get flooded,not even smashers can escape it as lava has gravitational pull this time.However it will still say:arena closed,no players can join

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