Arsenal is a game mode similar to Mothership, there are two teams and a "Special" tank in both of teams, and the goal is to kill the enemy boss.



There are two teams. Normal players will spawn closer to the left or right side (depending on their teams) and can decide to farm polygons/level up or go to their respective boss to receive a weapon. Whenever they receive a weapon, depending on the type of weapon, will have their barrels removed, stats changed and size changed.

Divine Players

If a player gets a divine weapon, their nametag will be changed to "Divine(weapon custom)". Their size will be equal to that of a fallen booster, have a teal name and level changed to 75 aswell as XP/points being changed to 60k, which cannot be changed. Their goal is to work with the team, and since divine players are quite stronger than average tanks, they should be reliable.


The boss is like the mothership, and is acquired by being one of the two first persons on the server. However it only changes every 10 minutes instead. It is as big as a lvl 105 tank and has 6 barrels on the back, which will shoot destroyer bullets (equal to x2 maxed stats) at a rate of one per 13 secs. It has 13,000 hp at base, with a regen of 300/10 secs, is partially faster than mothership, and has a special GUI that is always shown (bottom left of screen) which has the title of "Weaponry". The leaderboard will show the boss' health but also its coins, which are passively gained every 2 seconds. Coins are used to buy the weapons.

Each different weapons have a name and picture (like the tank upgrading) but also a cost which is displayed at top. Once they click on it, the chosen weapon will drop in front of the boss, and any player that goes over it picks it up. Once one of the bosses die, arena closes.


Normal Weapons

Name Damage per hit Player Size Attack Rate Range Speed Points Cost Clip Size
Power Cannon 120-140 Lv 45 1 per 4s 70 tiles 1 9 2
Dual Sword 30-50 Lv 20 1 per sec 5 tiles 4 7 50
Knife 10-20 Lv 15 1 per sec 2.5 tiles 6 3 20
Shotgun 60 Lv 35 1 per 2s 10 tiles 2 7 10
Revolver 20 Lv 25 1 per .5s 17 tiles 3 4 6
Single Shot Sniper 360 Lv 40 Cannot reload 300 tiles 2 8 1
Metal Gloves 30-40 Lv 30 1 per sec 2 tiles 9 6 51
Red Cape 80 Lv 45 1 per sec 2.5 tiles 5 10 40
Spear 70-80 Lv 25 1 per 2.5 s 8 tiles 6 5 25
Great axe 100-110 Lv 35 1 per 3 s 7 tiles 4 6 30
Wizard Staff 156(ranged)


Lv 45 1 per 3.5s 6 tiles (melee)

15 tiles (ranged)

0 11 1000
Clip size for melee weapons is their durability, each times it hit's an object they will lose 1.

Clip size for RANGED weapons determines how many shots they can fire before having to reload.

Reload time is equal to twice the length of attack rate.

Ranged weapons can reload 2 times only, melee weapons will break upon having 0 clip size.

Single Shot Sniper cannot reload.

Red Cape provides COSMETIC metal gloves until the weapon breaks.

Red Cape gives "fists" to the user to hit their opponent.

The wizard staff users can both shoot ranged bolts but also swing the staff by clicking close to their tank.

Divine Weapons

Name Damage Per Hit Player Size Attack Rate Speed Points Player Hp Cost Nametag Clip Size
Obsidian Maule 90 Lv 60 1 per 3s 1 920 30 Divine Mauler 20
Gatling Shotgun 10 Lv 60 1 per sec 0 770 16 Divine Destructor 80
God's Edge 120 Lv 80 1 per sec -3 1111 103 The Chosen One 400

Obsidian maule should be used for tanking purposes and clearing the path for the team.

Gatling Shotgun is a support unit.

God's edge is a melee weapon, and due to its speed will mainly be used to protect the boss.

Obsidian maule can create an AOE which pushes tanks away.

God's edge can cut bullets in half, but this removes one clip size point each time.

Name Damage Per Hit Attack Rate Cost Clip Size Times Can Be Bought User Attack Type
God's Wrath 1000 1 per 10 sec 0 5 One time use. Boss Single Hit
Indomitable Will 100 7 per 8 sec 0 56 Two time use. Boss Burst Fire

God's Wrath is a giant greatsword which is used ONLY for killing the enemy boss, or a god edge user. It has the highest damage stat of all the weapons.

Indomitable will shoots 7 bullets in burst fire, and can be used to support the team.

More coming late.

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