The Auto 7 is a Level 60 upgrade of the Auto 5 and is similar to the Auto 8, however the Auto 8 being a more powerful Tier 6 tank that upgrades from the Manipulator.


The Auto 7 has 7 AI turrets in a heptagon around it, similar to the Auto 5. The turrets are a bit smaller, and so are the bullets.


As the Auto 7

  • Strong against: Smasher/Melee Tanks, Slow RoF Tanks
  • Weak against: Invisibility Tanks, Drone Tanks, Tanks with high DPS or concentrated fire such as the Sprayer or Triplet, Long Range/High Vision Tanks

As the Auto 7, it is recommended that you stay near your teammates, as an alone auto tank can be killed easily. Because of this, it is best to put some into health and health regen.

Auto 7's are also very useful in team modes, as they provide support fire on many targets due to the large amount of cannons.

Against the Auto 7

Snipers and Necromancers are a good way to kill Auto 7's because the Necromancers can drive their large amount of drones toward them, and Snipers can get them from a distance where their AI turrests can't see them.


Art by adasba

Chapsteck4Yurlipis's ideas

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