Concept Image

New class conception, branches off destroyer at level 45.


Same body design as Destroyer, but with Auto turret on top of body.


  • Initial bullet has the same bullet damage as Destroyer.
  • Turret bullet has same bullet damage as auto gunner turret.
  • Tank may have 25% decrease in bullet speed to nerf bullets.


    • Strong Against: Rammers , slow/low level tanks
    • Weak Against: High level snipers, High dps tank builds.

The Auto Destroyer Is great against Rammers, as you can catch them off guard if they are just speeding past.

The auto turret can target enemies out of the FOV so you can use it as a way to find enemy tanks, or to dodge rammers.


  • This tank was originally created by me, SentientCircuitBoard
    • The Idea arose when the auto gunner was created, instead of drones on a destroyer, why not a small turret?

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