The Auto Sede-Tank (aw-toe seh-deh-tank) is a Tier 6 upgrade of the Auto Octo-Tank and the Sede-Tank and does not upgrade further.

(By Perismol and Chapsteck4urlipis)


The Auto Sede-Tank has 16 small barrels in a hexadecagonal shape and 2 AI Barrels in the center. It has a regular circle base, and the bullets are slightly smaller than the Octo-Tank's bullets, but the ones from the AI barrels do much more damage.


Mostly like the Sede-Tank, but the AI bullets are larger than the regular bullets.


As the Auto Sede-Tank

Try to attack tanks with low bullet penetration, such as Smashers. You should also stay away from Quadruplets as they can kill you with ease.

Against the Auto Sede-Tank

Quadruplets and Triplets are very overpowered against Auto Sede-Tanks, as you can get past their massive bullet spam. Watch out for their AI bullets though. Most bullet spammers can kill the Auto Sede-Tank, too.


  • This tank is similar to the Auto Octo-Tank.
  • "Sede" is a shortening of Latin "sedecim" (16)
Chapsteck4Yurlipis's ideas

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