This is an upgraded version of Mini mothership


Its like the Mini mothership but with 5 extra autoguns on it (on top the blue/red circle), thoose 5 autoguns shaped like a dice on the top, get it? if no then:




([] means an auto gun)


Same as Mini mothership but with auto guns... BUT the auto turrets is active when the auto fire is active so you can do more tactics, also drones are bigger by 50%, and faster by 30%, the ship it self have more: body dmg, health, but move slower


As the Auto mini mothership

  • When you see a slow tank coming, use your fov and let him be close enough so it wont escape, then KILL HIM
  • if youre a rammer build then use your drones from the back of your enemies so they will go backwards and hit you, RIP noob.
  • same as the rammer build but with the auto cannons, the little tank will try to escape from the drones but then he will be too close to the Auto mini mothership and the auto turrets will rekt him...

Against the Auto mini mothership

  • Dont use rammer build in any case
  • Use stalker
  • Use mega trapper

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