The Base Bomber is a rather odd tank designed by TemporalFuzz. It upgrades from the Mega Trapper and the Gunner Trapper at level 45. Look here for the idea that would lead to the Mega Trapper and the Gunner Trapper being made into Tier 3 tanks.


This tank looks like an ordinary tank with a slightly enlarged drone spawner on the back.


  • This tank uses the rear cannon to fire a new type of projectile - a Base Bomb. Base Bombs would resemble large, stationary bullets. After 10 seconds of existence, they explode into a compact circle of Mega Traps.
  • The frontal cannon is slightly weaker than a Tank's. The main debuff is bullet penetration.
  • Base Bombs would be fired every 10 seconds, regardless of reload. The traps are also always fired the same distance regardless of bullet speed.
  • The Base Bombs would explode into more traps depending on reload. 0 points would lead to 8 mega traps, 1 to 9, 2 to 10, 3 to 11, 4 to 12, 5 to 13, 6 to 14, and 7 to 16.


  • Base Bombs would be destroyable. They would have about twice the health a level 1 tank would have.
  • Base Bombs would be fired with very little force.
  • This tank could be very useful in team situations, perfectly placing circles of Mega Traps.
  • The traps released by these last longer than those of a Mega Trapper.

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