The Bomber is a Tier 5, Level 60 tank that upgrades from the Hunter at Level 60.


It looks sort of like a Destroyer with three small barrels sticking out of the Destroyer barrel.



The Bombarder shoots a fast, large bullet, that explodes into 5 normal bullets when it gets near your target.


Typical controls.


  • Strong Against: Unprepared and slow tanks with low RoF, Bullet Penetration, and View Range.
  • Weak Against: Prepared or fast tanks with high RoF, Bullet Penetration, and View Range.

As the Bombarder

  • The Bombarder is good for farming large groups of Polygons
  • Use like you would as a Hunter or Assassin class tank.


  • For a better effect, upgrade some Bullet Speed, although you already have lots of it.
  • Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration are important.
  • Reload allows you to quickly shoot again if you miss.


  • Tanks with low Max Health.

Against the Bombarder

  • High RoF tanks with good Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage can defeat a Bombarder, like any other Hunter or Assassin class tank.
  • Fast tanks can dodge the large bullets, stopping them from exploding.


  • When upgraded from the Hunter, Bullet Speed is increased by 40%.
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  • Idea by Pulty, do not steal.

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