Boss Frenzy is an Event Gamemode created by ZathusTheMageV. It features a story-based mechanic where groups of players team up to fight powerful entities summoned by the Archprophet as part of the return of Panzer. Every run of Boss Frenzy, players must fight and bring down one of six Mega Bosses. Depending on a player's place in the story, Boss Frenzy can be accessed differently.


Boss Frenzy cannot be played until a player has unlocked 20 of the Achievements exclusive to the Tale of Diep. Once this is done, that player can begin collecting Panzer Tokens, of which it takes one to enter every run of Boss Frenzy. Once a player has gotten the Hericide achievement, gotten by killing the Archprophet, Boss Frenzy becomes free to enter.

No matter how many Panzer Tokens or Achievements a player has, Boss Frenzy can be played a maximum of ten times per day.


  • Boss Frenzy costs 1 Panzer Token to enter every run.
  • All players belong to the Blue Team.
  • Polygons appear as normal. Score gain is 2x faster than in FFA.
  • Fortresses can spawn before the timer runs out, but afterward no more will appear.
  • There is a large ten minute timer at the top of the screen, that begins counting down once the first player enters the server. If you join four minutes into a game of Boss Frenzy, you only have six minutes to prepare.
  • Players cannot enter the middle of the map. Giant Fortress walls form a hexagon shape around a decently-sized chunk of it. Pink Triangles do not spawn if you get close either.
  • Once the ten minutes are up, the timer is replaced by a health bar, and one of many bosses will be released from the center. Players have to work together to fight and kill it.
  • If you die before the Boss is killed, you cannot respawn. You either wait for the current game to end, or refresh and go to a new server.

Possible Bosses

The Prophecies of He Who Laughs In The Tower



  • The first game mode page on the wiki. Also was on the Fan Ideas Page on the actual Wikia (Only War Machine existed back then, however).
  • Ties in to The Tale of Diep, an epic story of tanks and cults.
  • There is a more intense version titled Boss Frenzier, which is the second to last challenge of the Tale of Diep. It acts as a 14 wave boss rush of pairs of bosses, randomly selected except for the last few waves.
  • The first of many different gamemodes relating to the story.
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