These are my ideas for boss tanks, which could fit Zathus's boss-based gamemodes. My idea is a Power Tanks gamemode. This is just a list as there will be individual pages for them.

Page WIP

Based on Original Tanks

Oversuper - based on Overseer upgrades (and needs a better name)

Giga Trapper - based on Trapper upgrades

Giga Smasher - hybrid of Mega Smasher and Landmine

Illusionist - hybrid of Stalker, Manager, and Landmine

Based on Others' Tanks

Quick note: I do not want to steal others' ideas, I just base off of them. If these tanks would ever be added, I would want the original ideas to be added, and these tanks to be approved by the people with the original ideas.

Super Lancer - based on Zathus's lancer branch

Super Shocker - hybrid of Zathus's Voltage Gun and Parlyzer

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