Ancient behemoth

These are boss tanks made by hazardguy43

Boss tanks by hazardguy43 are specially modified tanks with same size as dominator,but have 50 % more health,do 60 % more damage,each tank has all of its stats maxed out,but most move as fast as mothership.

each boss tank has specials pros and cons,most tanks have one pro and con,there are only level 45 versions of boss tanks

Boss tanks on minimap are marked with crown,they are also grey in color.All of these tanks have these CONS at least :

1) Can see invisible tanks

2) Can heal polygons,polygons cannot hurt them

Normal tanks

Fusion (hybrid boss tank) - adds trapper barrels on the side,can spawn 12 drones,main gun fires 3 times faster

PROS - drones cannot be damaged or destroyed by polygons

CONS - after firing 25 bullets from main barrel,the main turret must cool down and cannot shoot for 20 seconds

Penta chaingun (penta shot boss tank) - shoots bullets faster than normal penta shot.Also bullets can bounce on anything up to 4 times,they have very long range

PROS - bullets cannot be slowed down by other tank bullets

CONS - takes lot of damage from trapper traps

Triple pain (triplet boss tank) - shoots faster,bullets are more spread out

PROS - bullets make other tanks stop moving for half a second

CONS - the more damage is done to him,the reload and movement speed are lowered

Triple storm (triple twin boss tank) - shoots very fast,bullets do more damage,bullets are 2 times bigger

PROS - does 2x more damage to sniper branch tanks

CONS - takes 2x more damage from machine gun branch tanks

Kraken (octo tank boss tanks) - shoots very fast,bullets always spread out in random directions,bullets pull the players towards the Kraken

PROS - cannot be damaged by traps

CONS - drones do 2x more damage to it

Charger (booster boss tank) - main gun shoots lighting beam than can penetrate infinite targets,shooting range is low,it fires one lighting beam every 7 seconds.Rear guns shoots tiny electric orbs that slow down players for half a second,they fire fast and have longer shooting range

PROS - there is a 5 % chance that rear guns will instantly kill enemies,tanks that were instantly killed will heal charger

CONS - takes 3x damage from sniper branches

The war blaze (fighter boss tanks) - guns are now shaped in different position to look like pentagon,shoots destroyer bullets as fast as machine gun with maxed out reload

PROS - bullets split each time a tank is killed by one of bullets,they can split infinitely

CONS - takes 3x damage from stalkers,managers and smashers

Spy (stalker boss tank) - turns invisible for 10 seconds each time enemy dies,often stops moving when nobody is around,fires 4 times faster

PROS - bullets split each time it hits a pentagon or alpha pentagon

CONS - drones or traps slow him down for 10 seconds

Hitman (ranger boss tank) - shoots 4 times faster,does 3 times more damage,bullets do damage over time,bullets have infinite range

PROS - can attack and hit any player on the whole map regardless of their location

CONS - takes 2x damage from smasher branches,smashers takes almost no damage from them

Engineer (manager boss tank) - 4x faster tank spawning,can spawn up to 18 drones,invisible when not controlling drones

PROS - drones do 3x more damage to invisible enemies

CONS - takes 1.5x damage from all tier 3 tanks

Master of drones (overlord boss tank) - can spawn up to 32 drones,drones are as big as pentagons,drone health and damage are increased by 4

PROS - drones cannot die by damaging enemies,only by bullets

CONS - smashers are immune to drones,takes 2x damage from twin branches

The dark mage (necromancer boss tank) - can turn any polygon into his minion even alpha pentagon,drones do 3x more damage.The dark mage can have up to 500 squares 250 triangles,50 pentagons and 2 alpha pentagons

PROS - each time a tank is killed it becomes one of his minions,they have half of their HP,can control up to 50 tanks

CONS - takes 2x more damage from all tier 3 tanks

Alpha wolf (predator boss tank) - has 2 side jaws that eat any tank it touches.Can shoot 7 bullets at once

PROS - bullets split in two when they hit something,they can split up to 10 times

CONS - traps slow him down hy 60 % of original speed.Lasts for 4 seconds

Hexa-trapper (tri-trapper boss tank) - has 6 barells in a hexagon shape,does 3x more damage,traps remain up to 20 seconds

PROS - traps stun the player for half a seconds

CONS - takes 4x more damage from necromancer squares

Cutter (gunner trapper boss tank) - bullets can split in two when it hits a tank,makes more traps,does 3x more damage

PROS - insta kill to any tank cutter touches

CONS - drones do 2x more damage and traps do 1.5 more damage

Necrotrapper (overtrapper boss tank) - spawns more traps and more drones,does 3x more damage,has the ability to turn polygons into minions just like necromancer,can control up to 30 squares,5 triangles and 1 pentagon

PROS - cannot be harmed by machine gun branch

CONS - takes 4x more damage from twin and sniper branches

Web master (mega trapper boss tank) - shoots one huge web that can hold up to 5 tanks,tanks caught in web will take damage until the web is broken,the web has 1/5 of alpha pentagon health,shoots as fast as sniper with level 3 reload

PROS - does 2x damage to all tanks with level lower than 20

CONS - smashers instantly destroy the web

Landblast (Landmine boss tank) - each time a tank is killed it creates a strong and large blast that does damage.Immune when idle

PROS - partial invisibilty while moving

CONS - traps stun him for 1 seconds

War shower (sprayer boss tank) - shoots insanely fast,wipes out any polygon it hits,does 3x more damage

PROS - can target up to 20 players,this does lots of damage

CONS - sniper branches do 5x more damage to it

Insta-gunner (auto gunner boss tank) - creates mini tanks that can be of any tier and branch.These tanks have half the stats of their normal counterparts.Insta gunner can have up to 20 of them.does 120 % more damage

PROS - can resurrect killed players to Insta-gunner side.These tanks have less HP but do more damage

CONS - takes 3x more damage from sniper branch and 1.5x more damage from flank guard branch

Doom shot (streamliner boss tank) - Can fire lasers instead of bullets.These pierce up to 6 tanks.Does 4x more damage.Fires 3x faster

PROS - lasers can bounce up to 10 times

CONS - takes 1.5x more damage from tier 3 tanks

Bullet hive (spread shot boss tank) - has 36 small guns that fire lots of bullets.These bullets can stick to player and keep damaging them for 6 seconds

PROS - unlimited range,can seek targets

CONS - takes 4x more damage from sniper branch

Eagle eye (auto trapper boss tank) - has fast firing auto turret that can mow down anything in 3 seconds.Shoots 3 mega traps.has 3x more health

PROS - Unlimited range

CONS - Auto turret can be destroyed,takes 1.5 x more damage from sniper branch

Machine 5 (auto 5 boss tank) - shoots constant stream of bullets that slow down tanks and give them damage over time

PROS - the more polygons are around him.The higher the damage Machine 5 does

CONS - the more polygons are around him.The more damage he will take from bullets

Apex Dominator (dominator boss tank) - aside from normal attack now dominator can spit All-elemental attack in all directions.These can infect the player to become his servant.Infected players can control themselves but cannot harm Apex dominator and can only attack other tanks.Does 2x more damage and has 2.5x more health,has trapper,gunner and destroyer barrels

PROS - can teleport

CONS - snipers are immune to all-elemental attack

Omicron overlord (Fallen overlord super boss tank) - has 8 different barrels.4 are for drone spawning and 4 are necromancer barrels.Infects the players Omicron overlord touches and summons random polygon drones.Can have up to 12000 drones

PROS - Each time a killed player is captured on his side they gain the stats of arena closer (except health and health regen)

CONS - Slave tanks are very fragile,each time one is killed Omicron overlord loses 0.3 % of his health

Omicron booster (Fallen booster super boss tank) - Rear barrels fire as fast a streamliner,allowing much greater speed.Can shoot burst bullets that split in 5 each time they hit something.They can split up to 5 times.Does 4x more damage and has 2.75 more health

PROS - Can shoot anyone regardless of their location

CONS - Very slow turning speed.Takes 2x more damage from sniper branch

Buccaner (battleship boss tank) - adds 6 cannons that fire explosive bullets.These do the damage equal to that of a destroyer.Has 60 % more health,fires 70 % faster,summons guardians faster,guardians lasts 4 seconds longer

PROS - Immune to machine gun branch

CONS - Preadator class (when zooming) stuns buccaner

Techno-obliterator (annithalator boss tank) - constantly spawns guardians around him.Has 2x more health,does 45 % more damage,bursts out fire after shooting

PROS - kills anything near him

CONS - drones do 2x more damage

Sweeper (auto smasher boss tank) - has 4 circling brushes that decrease the level of a tank each seconds if a tank is under them

Porcupine (spike boss tank) - grows spiked rocks out of the ground wherever it passes,these last for 10 seconds.Does 20% more damage,moves 2x faster

PROS - Deflects bullets.Only traps and drones can hurt him

CONS - Smasher can go through the spikes without taking damage

Hazardguy43 tanks

Flasher (Octo rocket boss tank) - has 24 barrels,fires very fast,at least one of rockets are flash rockets that blind all tanks it catches

PROS - stalkers,managers and landmines that are hit cannot go invisible for 1 minute

CONS - takes 3x damage from drones

The tzar (Nuke boss tank) - creates strong stunning pulse when someone gets close,nukes move faster and have larger area of damage

PROS - does 4x more damage to machine gun and twin branches

CONS - has to cool down after 3 shots,takes 4x damage from all tanks while cooling down

Bunker (Full circle boss tank) - has huge shielding radius,the shield has the health of 2 alpha pentagons,nothing but pink circles can enter inside,shield is active for 5 minutes,where it must recharge for 30 seconds

PROS - shield does lots of damage to anyone it touches

CONS - smashers can enter inside his shield,smashers are immune to shield damage

Road block (defender boss tank) - spawns drones and traps,creates very long shield that absorbs anything.Shield has 1/3 health of a alpha pentagon.Can spawn up to 50 traps and road triangles

PROS - immune to drones and traps

CONS - takes 2.5x damage from machine gun branches

Trench maker (mega mole boss tank) - insanely fast digging.Can stay underground for 10 minutes.shoots very fast bullets.Can summon earthworms to protect itself.Can dig trenches to make complex pathways

PROS - drones or traps heal him

CONS - takes 2x more damage from machine guns while in trench,takes 2x more damage from sniper while on surface

Neutralizer (Liquifier boss tank) - shoots lethal poison that paralyzes and damages any tank it shoots at.Fires as fast as machine gun with level 3 reload.Can stay underground for 20 seconds.Can go invisible

PROS - Emits a toxic aura that damages any tank near him.Immune to machine gun bullets

CONS - Sniper bullets stun him

Mind tricker (Double spin boss tank) - has 72 small barrels,constantly pulses out urchin spikes.Does 3x more damage and fires 2x more health

PROS - Can pull tanks toward himself if they are hit by urchin spikes,20 % chance of turning killed players in his minion

CONS - smashers are immune to urchin spikes

Chainsaw (Fire blade boss tank) - fires 6 spinning chainsaw that can return to him like boomerang.Does 250% more damage and has 60% more health.Chainsaws instantly destroy any polygon or tank they hit.Holds a burning chainsaw that causes fire splash damage if the player is hit with them.This chainsaw is melee attack as Chainsaw boss tank has robotic arms

PROS - Chainsaws can pierce infinite enemies

CONS - needs to recharge chainsaws for 10 seconds after firing them.Takes more damage while recharging chainsaws

Whirler (Tornado boss tank) - shoots special torando that split in 3 after hitting their first target.Does 3x more damage,fires 2x faster

PROS - can trap bullets inside tornado

CONS - the more damage he takes,the slower Whirler fires

Hurricane (storm boss tank) - fires gigantic hurricane that travels across entire map to capture any player it can get,can trap infinite players at once,hurricane lasts for 12 minutes,fires hurricanes each 12 minutes,can attack with lighting bolt that does lots of damage and arcs up to 7 players.Hurricanes launch 7 tornados every second.Hurricanes dont hurt players but instead it slowly steals their XP away.For each stolen XP hurricane becomes stronger and faster.Has 7x more health

PROS - infinite range with lightning bolt,bypasses polygons

CONS - takes 12x more damage from sniper branch

Chief (apache boss tank) - has 16 front guns and 4 full-auto rocket launcher that fire rockets that inflict burning effect.Does 4x more damage and has 50 % more health

PROS - infinte range,pushes away all tanks in its range

CONS - Machine gun tanks cannot be pushed away

Armored carrier (carrier boss tank) - Can shoot clone bullets that spawn AI clone of the tank they have hit.Can carry 15 tanks.Does 60 % more damage,has 75 % more health

PROS - pulls any tank in its range,rips and tears any tank it get under him

CONS - tanks that are invisible are immune to its rotor attack

Reaper castle (air fort boss tank) - launches 1 carrier 1 apache 1 spectre each 10 seconds,they have normal size and fire 4x faster,can have up to 45 AI tanks near him.has 4 automatic turrets.These are - 1 annithalator 1 streamliner 1 fighter 1 necromancer that can infect normal tanks in small radius.Able to fire 24 bullets at its targets,has 3x more health

PROS - kills any tank under Reaper castle

CONS - cannot hurt smasher branches and necromancer class

Martial lord (martial master boss tank) - throws 12 seeking urchins that pierce up to 4 tanks.Does 2x more damage

PROS - immune to sensei tank and it´s branches

CONS - traps stun him

Boss minions

Road triangle : spawned by Road block,has half health of a pentagon,shoots bullets at anything,faster than pink squares

Earthworm : spawned by Trench maker,can dig itself underground to protect itself.Attacks by biting

The disciples of the sky

These bosses are insanely strong and fast.They have no CONS.They have 45 X the health of alpha pentagon.have all stats maxed out 5 times.They have insane special attack.They were summoned by unknown deity as the reapers of this world.They have 0.001 % chance of appearing as an boss

Ancient behemoth - Has 8 different guns shaped in a fashion of octo tank.Each gun represents elements of fire,water,earth,air,dark,light,electricity and nature.each gun has different

FIRE - shoots a short burst of fire that will obliterate anything that is exposed for 4 seconds

WATER - launches heavy drops that drown any tank that gets inside

EARTH - sends a earthquake that makes spiked rocks stick out of the ground

AIR - sends 3 tornadoes that launch tanks to a random direction.This has 90 % chance of killing the players

DARK - engulfs the players in shadows.This heals ancient behemoth

LIGHT - launches lot of sunlight at the tanks.Blinding them with 50 % chance of killing them

ELECTRICITY - paralyzes tanks for 3 minutes.While paralyzed.Tanks get damage

NATURE - traps the players in grass.And lets the insects attack them.Tanks are almost immobile in grass

Duke of tanks - This disciple is the one who creates and destroys tanks.

Has one powerful gun that shoots anti matter that does huge damage and prevents the player for respawning for 20 seconds.Can call for tank support as it can summon infinite amounts any tank in the game,even arena closers and dominator.But these tanks dissapear after a few seconds.Can create a shield that is immune to everything.

Arena wretcher - This disciple was the first tank that used the meaning of a word *arena*.His children of arena closers were made in order to make peace in each arena

This tank is insanely powerful.It has 10 x HP of a normal disciple of the sky.It can control and summon arena closers which cant be be killed but can be distracted by being lured in pentagon nest.After that.They will retreat from the area.He has no main gun,so he relies on his children

Soaring devil - Many tanks speak of the creature that darkens the earth when it flies.This creature is the destroyer and creator of planets

This tanks is able to fly which makes all bullets,drones and traps miss.He can cause ground to crack and burst it with lava.He can swipe all tank with hellsword .This sword will weaken the tank each time it kills someone.He can summon various polygons,obstacles and AI slave tanks

Blood marshal - The commander of disciples.Has 60 x health of a normal disciple.

Able to fire devastating rays that obliterate anything in a straight line.

He can call for disciple support where a random disciple will be near him for 3 seconds.

Has 4 turrets that constantly spin in circles while firing destroyer bullets very fast.

For each player killed thousand of crashers and guardians will fly out of the place where they died

The deity

The deity is the one who made universe and his disciples.He can do whatever he wants.He knows all the polygons and tanks that were made and destroyed.

It is said that each month there is a 0.000000000001 % chance of him to spawn as an boss.As an creature of unlimited power

But not all is known.

More coming soon

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