Bosses are extremely rare Tanks that have a chance of spawning in a server after a Mini Boss or Fallen Tank has been killed. They are very strong and require teaming to take down.

List of Bosses

  • Dark Decagon: A black Decagon (not a regular polygon) with four Trap Launchers. Difficulty: Hard
  • Malevolent AI: A large Tank with a really short Destroyer Cannon on the front. Difficulty: Really Hard
  • Predictor: A pink Tank with a Drone spawner on the front and Tri-Angle barrels on the back. Difficulty: Hard-Really Hard
  • Virus: A green Arena Closer with a Drone spawner on the back. Difficulty: Really Hard
  • Megahybrid: A large black Tank with two Drone spawners, two Trap launchers and four Sprayer barrel sets. Difficulty: Insanely Hard

Special Bosses

  • "The Fallen": A grey Tank body with a black hexagon around it. It is 25 percent transparent. Difficulty: Easy (at first), Really Hard (after it gets a few kills)
  • "The Boss": An Arena Closer with a regular Tank gun (which fits its size) and a black hexagon around it. Difficulty: Extreme (Hardest in the game)

What they do

Dark Decagon

Summons Decagon Drones out of its four barrels (maximum of 16). These have the health of one Pentagon each. It will also shoot 16 black bullets every 0.5 seconds out of each Trap Launcher (4 out of each). Has Auto Spin on.

Malevolent AI

Shoots one instant kill (no matter your stats) Destroyer bullet out of its cannon every 10 seconds. Will also try to ram players. Any players it kills become AI controlled Tank minions for this Boss.


Has 6 Drones which constantly surround it. Calculates player trajectories and moves to where they will be (at time of calculation) in an attempt to ram them.


Will shoot a Destroyer bullet every 3 seconds. Spawns eight XL Crashers which surround it. Anything its bullet (or itself) kills will turn green and become its minion (except for Tanks).


Has 8 AI Drones (which work like an Overtrapper or a Hybrid's Drones). Will launch Mega Traps every 2 seconds. Will shoot one black bullet out of every gun every 0.3 seconds. Has Auto Spin on.

"The Fallen"

It rams the nearest player to it which then comes back as an AI Fallen Tank with any upgrades and stat points it had when player-controlled. This Tank has its class with "Fallen" added before it (like Fallen Booster) for a nickname. If it kills anything else, the killed object respawns just like this but its class is random. Has Auto Spin on.

"The Boss"

Attempts to shoot and ram the nearest player to it.


  • It is possible to refight a weaker Fallen Booster/Overlord immediately after killing one. This is done by killing the Fallen Mini-Boss, finding "The Fallen" and then getting killed by it as a Booster/Overlord.
  • The Megahybrid is based off of the Hybrid Destroyer.
  • The Virus can be considered an opposite of the Malevolent AI. The Virus can control anything BUT Tanks while the Malevolent AI can only control Tanks.

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