Bosses created by ZathusTheMageV for the Tale of Diep are listed here. If you have your own ideas for Bosses, make a page for them, and add your name in parenthesis next to it like I did. This will purely list all of their names and some backstory behind the categories. For more information of the categories of bosses listed here, visit their respective pages.

What Are Bosses?

Bosses are powerful entities that can spawn about the Realm. There are currently eight classifications of boss. In order from generally lowest to highest in lethality, they are the: Guardian Bosses, Sons of Panzer, Gladiator Bosses, Polygon Disciples, Event Bosses, Mega Bosses, Legendary Bosses, and lastly, Era Bosses.

Almost every boss has a health bar, each with the same layout. Health bars appear at the top center of the screen. They are about half of the screen long, but centralized, as to leave a fourth left on both sides, of course having the scoreboard of the server at the far right if there is one. As for the layout, to the left of the bar itself but attached is a circle with a portrait of the boss in its initial state (should it go through multiple phases), with the bar of course spanning the rest. The name is written and centralized in the health bar. For Sons of Panzer only, because they can be worth more points depending on players they kill, the score received for killing them is listed at the far right in parenthesis. Multiple health bars can appear one below the other should multiple bosses be present, but no more than five. The health bar of a boss will only appear if the player is within 200 tiles of it in any given direction. Once the health bar can be seen, an arrow like the ones used for the leader of a server will appear, flashing red and with the boss name behind it. Once again, Sons of Panzer are an exception to this (including Final Sons as well), as their health bars will only be seen if within their Fortress/Mega Fortress. A full exception list will be given in the Trivia. The only boss in the game without a health bar is the Avatar of Panzer.

On a side note, bosses have a mechanic known as "True Health". This mechanic is explained here.

Bosses spawn under certain circumstances. Sons of Panzer spawn within Fortresses, structures that randomly appear throughout servers. Once the Son within it has been killed the Fortress vanishes and makes way for a new one. Guardian Bosses spawn after certain events have happened in or around the Pentagon Nest. Gladiator Bosses have a chance to replace the spawn of the current in-game bosses (Guardian, Summoner, etc). Mega Bosses spawn in Boss Frenzy, and when killed, the server closes and restarts. Legendary Bosses are the utmost extreme forces of the realm. They are the strongest of the strong, and have very intricate, random, or intense build-up to their battles. And ancient prophecies only tell of a rarity and classification of boss higher than Legendary...

Each boss category has its own rules, listed out on their pages, which are redirected to in the headings. One rule that they all follow, however, is that no type of boss are attacked by base drones in team modes.

Boss Tanks

Sons of Panzer

Final Sons

A subcategory of Sons of Panzer too small to be considered its own classification. Stronger Sons of Panzer that spawn in Mega Fortresses. About as difficult as a Gladiator Boss.

Gladiator Bosses

Gladiator Bosses are something special. They have a 5% chance to replace the spawn of a usual ten-minute timer Boss (like the ones that are actually in They do not spawn in Fortresses, and give a large number of score to all players who dealt a certain threshold of damage to it, varied between bosses.

Guardian Bosses

Guardian Bosses are the one of the more recent projects added to Panzer's agenda. By request of the Polygon Mother, Panzer created a host of nine children to be put into slumber until the dawn of a new age, when the Realm would be habitable again. She feared we would invade the Polygon Nests once more, and she was right. They are simpler creatures than his Sons, but are fierce no less. They spawn in relation to events within a Polygon Nest, and will always appear around it. They are more akin to the current bosses in the game.

Polygon Disciples

Created at the dawn of the Panzer Era, when the Polygon Mother has been created through the hands of Panzer. There are eight Disciples, each representing a prominent breed of polygon which are under their control. The Polygon Mother couldn't protect each and every polygon in the Realm, so she had summoned them to serve as kings of their own domain, independent of her, but still connected. The Disciples are responsible for the protection of the Nests and the summoning of the average Polygon Boss. They are considerably more difficult than Gladiator bosses, but not as strong as some Event Bosses. Should a Disciple of the Polygons be slayed, it will create great disturbances throughout the Realm...

Event Bosses

Event Bosses spawn under certain conditions, be it in specific Event Gamemodes, or just by entire random chance. They vary in power, some being as weak as Guardian Bosses while others can be potentially as strong as the Mega Bosses or even greater. They are very hard to categorize any other way. Nostradamus is an exception, as he has been moved to Legendary Boss rank, for being a massive outlier in this category.

Mega Bosses

Mega Bosses are exclusive to the Boss Frenzy game mode, and require the whole server to take down. They are usually goliaths of epic proportions, massive health, and varied complicated attacks.

Legendary Bosses

Bosses that are so rare and nigh-endgame, they are usually only fightable by certain requirements. They take not just a server, but full co-operation from everyone possible to destroy them.

Era Bosses

Bosses that people can only dream of seeing even once before they finally set the game down. Era Bosses mark the end of a story, and are usually the final bosses of their expansions. There is currently only one Era Boss... and there will only be one for a long time...


  • Was the first page dedicated to Boss Tanks, and the Sons of Panzer were also on the Fan Ideas Page from the Wikia (albeit there were less of them and a lot less complex).
  • There are 101 bosses total (not including the Polygon Bosses), and more are yet to come.
  • The eight classes of Boss are: Sons of Panzer, Guardian Boss, Gladiator Boss, Polygon Disciple, Event Boss, Mega Boss, Legendary, and Era Boss.
  • Due to their rarity, each Gladiator Boss has a 1/3 chance of giving players a Panzer Token if they get a certain damage threshold on it.
  • The bosses that spawn in Fortresses all have a collective name, "The Sons of Panzer".
    • There are some exceptions, as Disciples also spawn within a similar kind of Fortress.
  • The only exception to the 'health bars' rule where multiple will appear, is during the Avatar of Panzer fight, where summoned Sons of Panzer and Final Sons in Phase 5 will not have their health bar shown. Even then, Avatar of Panzer doesn't have one either... mwa ha ha ha!
  • As stated at the top, here is a list of bosses where you must be in their arena/room to see their health bar:
  • A lot (if not all) of this ties in to The Tale of Diep.
  • Its not even funny how many bosses have been moved around at this point.
  • Originally this page only covered Sons of Panzer, until all the new types were added.
    • First was Sons of Panzer.
    • Then Mega Bosses.
    • Then Legendary Bosses (though Archprophet was the only one for a LONG time).
    • Then Gladiator Bosses.
    • Followed by Event Bosses.
    • Next came Guardian Bosses.
    • Then Era Bosses.
    • Polygon Disciples were added a while later and are the most recent addition to this oversized list of bosses.
  • Diepmon stop editing my Nav for me.
Bosses (Zathus)
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Era Bosses Avatar of Panzer

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