Buffs and Debuffs are a common staple of many RPGs. While not an RPG, has the ability for them to be applicable. Here is a list of buffs and debuffs created by ZathusTheMageV.

How They Work

Sometimes bullets may apply effects to tanks. This may be done by players with certain classes, or bosses in some instances. When you get a buff or debuff, a symbol will appear below your health bar, signifying which ones you have. Multiple effects means they will slowly build up next to each other. You know how it works.


Zathus Buffs Icons Large

Buffs, art by Graviatar.

  • Invulnerable: Makes the target immune to all damage. Should a bullet hit them, the thing with this effect will flash a gold color and the bullet will disappear. Symbol is a gray metallic shield.
  • Hasty: Moves 25% faster until the effects wear off. Symbol is a green arrow pointing up.
  • Frenzy: Gained by the victor of a battle after a tank kills another tank. Effect lasts 3 seconds. Tanks with this effect fire 20% faster, and deal double damage until it wears off. The effect duration will stack if multiple kills are made one after the other (making the buff duration (3 x Tanks Killed within 3 seconds). Symbol is an orange fist.
  • Helping Hand: Temporarily gets an Auto-Turret on top of their tank until the effect wears off. Symbol is a gray tiny tank.
  • Strength: Bullets/Drones/Traps do 30% more damage until it wears off. Symbol is a sword.
  • Armored: For the duration of the effect, all damage taken from ALL sources, is halved. Symbol is a brown shield.


  • Broken: Will take 2x damage from all attacks until it wears off. Symbol is a broken shield.
  • Slowed: Moves at 50% speed until the effect wears off. Symbol is a red arrow pointing down.
  • Paralyzed: Cannot move. Electric sparks flash around tanks with this debuff until it wears off. Symbol is a lightning bolt.
  • Poisoned/Bleeding: Both are the same effect but with their own applications. Will slowly lose 2% of max health every second until it wears off. Poison cannot kill, and only brings people inflicted down to 1 HP. You cannot passively recover from Health Regen while Poisoned. Symbol is a green/red raindrop depending on if its Poisoned or Bleeding.
  • Burning: Will slowly lose 5% of max health every second until it wears off. This, unlike, poison, CAN kill. However, it is usually a lot shorter of a debuff duration. Symbol is a small flame shape.
  • Stunned: Cannot shoot bullets until the effect wears off. Doesn't really effect melee-only tanks for obvious reasons. Symbol is a yellow star.
  • Blinded: Screen darkened by a selected amount until effect wears off. Symbol is a black eye shape.
  • Confused: Controls are reversed until effect wears off. Symbol is a question mark.
  • Unfocused: You cannot control your barrel, and fire in random directions until the effect wears off. Symbol is a purple brain with a crack in it.
  • Weakened: Bullets fired by tanks with this effect have halved bullet penetration until the effects wear off. Symbol is a squiggly line.


Totems are individual stationary 'things' that give Buffs or Debuffs. They look like brown circles with a face on them, depending on what type it is. The faces kind of look like things you find on a tiki or something.

  • Buff Totems give a random buff to all players that get near it, but after that, it cannot be used again by the same player for 1 minute. They have a giant wooden tiki smiling look on them.
  • Debuff Totems give a random debuff to all players that get near it. Unlike Buff Totems, staying near them will continually give you Debuffs until you back out. They have an angry face on them.
  • Mystery Totems wear a mask-looking design, and what type of Totem it is will only be revealed once someone gets close to it. Then it will become a Buff or Debuff Totem.
  • Benign totems have a straight face that presents no direct feelings. Once approached, they give a random Buff or Debuff. Unlike Mystery Totems, they do not become another type of totem, and therefore are ENTIRELY random.
  • Ruby Totems are red and shiny. They have no face, but instead a crystal shape etched into it. Upon use it can give you Strength, Frenzy, Burning, or Slowed for 4 seconds.
  • Emerald Totems look just like Ruby Totems, but are green instead. Upon use, it can give Hasty, Frenzy, or Paralyzed for 4 seconds.
  • Amethyst Totems look the other gem totems, except purple. Upon use, it can give Invulnerable, Helping Hand, Blinded, or Dazed for 4 seconds.
  • Locked Totems are made of gold, and have a crown atop them. Its face is a smile with a key hole in its teeth. It takes a Totem Key to open, and gives any TWO buffs at a time that last 30 seconds, but it disappears upon use by the first person who touches it. Totem Keys can be rarely attained from enemies, bosses, and polygons.

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