The burster is a tank that has slower reload, more vision, and more damaging and penetrating bullets than the flank guard. Every "burst" has a charge, and with no reload it takes 1.5 seconds to charge.


As the burster:

Look for areas with lots of enemy tanks, such as the pentagon nest, get close to them, and shoot with your enemy occupied with something like defeating an alpha pentagon. The excess bullets can either farm or damage other tanks so you can finish them off. Also go for low-penetration or low-max HP tanks, as your bullets are strong and penetrating.

Against the burster:

Do something you would do as you would defeat an octo tank or penta shot. Go into gaps in between the bullets, so you can easily kill it. Destroyers and Hybrids can easily penetrate through the bursters bullets.


The Gun burst was actually created before the burster. (both the ATB tanks)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.36.45 AM
ATB256's ideas
Tanks: Burster_(ATB_tank),Gun_burst_(ATB_tank),Mega_burster_(ATB_tank),Shield_(ATB_tank)
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