So this is my idea. I am not copying any ideas because I am new here. :)

Chat works in all game modes

  • FFA- In this game mode, you can chat to everyone but if you want a private message to someone, there will be a search players then you will have a private message
  • TDM- You can only chat to your teammates and you can only have private chat with teammates
  • Domination- same as TDM
  • Mothership- same as TDM and Domination.

My reasons:

First of all you can properly team up ally. Because they might leave you and you will be in danger.

Second, in domination, there are wandering tanks that are max level but they are still clearing polygons even if your friendly dominator is now contested.

Third, other players even maxed out may steal your hard work.

It is also good to have a chat because you can be nearly invincible like octo tank and ranger team-up

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