Chopper is the tank created by hazardguy43

This tank is unlocked at level 15 basic tank.

This tank has less health and health regen than most tanks.But it can fly to avoid body damage.This makes smashers unable to hurt this tank.It has 2 gunner barrels to attacks its targets.Drones are able to immobilize chopper for 6 seconds


Path 1:

Assault Chopper - Increases damage,slightly increases health and health regen,has 4 guns

Apache - has 6 guns,has rocket launcher that can seek its target,any tank near Apache will be pushed away by the wind created by rotor blades

Path 2:

Phantom - lowers damage but increases speed,agility and firing speed

Carrier - any tank near Carrier will be sliced by carrier rotor blades,causing damage.No longer has guns,making rotor blades only attacking option.

Pressing L key will allow the carrier to grab an ally tank and carry it with itself.Ally tanks that are carried are immune to body damage and take 65 % less damage,but this slows down Carrier.It takes 6 carriers to grab a mothership.Moves much faster,has square body with 4 rotors on each edge.If it grabs a enemy tank it will rip and tear it in tiny pieces.This will have carrier need to recharge its ability for 40 seconds

New tank ability:Pursuit (replaces auto-fire,applies for all Chopper branch tanks)

When you press auto fire button Chopper will freely move and attack.It will use front lights that can reveal invisible tanks

Path 3(unlocked when either Apache or Carrier are unlocked) Spectre : Only has rocket launcher gun,but can fire fully automatically,slightly repels tanks,does small amounts of damage if one tank is near Spectre,can go invisible,drops mines every 4 seconds that act like traps but explode when someone touches them

Air fort: Randomly launches 1 apache,1 carrier and 1 spectre,these tanks do 3 times less damage but fire 3 times faster,they are AI controlled.Increased size to that of a dominator.Has 4 rooks with automatic destroyer barrels.cannot attack,but can carry up to 3 tanks that will be able to move inside Air fort and attack.In team deathmatch,domination,mothership and tag mode only 3 players can be air forts.


-This tank is based off Heli-pilot from BTD 5

-This is first tank by Hazardguy43 that is not actually a tank

-It is first tank by Hazardguy43 that can float over water and lava

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