The Circle is a UP tank made by UltraReconKing.


The Circle is a tank that loses its barrel.


  • Like a Smasher, but Body Damage isn't really enhanced passively. This makes the Circle a terrible ramming tank.
  • The Circle is extremely fast.
  • All stats except for Health Regen, Max Health and Movement Speed disappear.
  • The Circle can't shoot.


  • The first under-powered tank in this wikia ever.
  • This tank was made before the "Ball" troll tank was added.
UltraReconKing's Conceptions

Cluster Shot Airburst Mega Cluster
Blacksmith ArchitectHostCreator
Ice Tank Auto Ice TankFreezerParalyzer
Boomer Nothing yet!
Smasher BasherShadow
Trapper NintrapperBomberFisher
Spider Spider TankSpider ScoutTarantula
Other BatteryStriker

The BulletDeathParalyzerLauncherGenesis

Fallen MasterJesterTaken Predator

UltraReconKing (UltraReconKing)V-Cannon


CircleSuicidal Sphere

Custom Dominators

Cluster PolygonsTime Tank

There is a high chance that this Navbox is unfinished. Don't worry, UltraReconKing is still alive and will edit this soon enough!

Special thanks to Tacocat247 for organizing the navbox into tabs!

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