Claimer of the green polygons or simply Claimer is a boss tank that spawns every 20 mins.


It looks like a green square with 2 spawners on it's sides,

and 1 spawner on it's back. And has 3 machine gun barrels on front, stacked.


At every sight, everyone was harvesting and abusing green polygons.. This tank is one of 4 in the Quad Squad. This killing machine never gave up..


Surprise Motherfucker!: Becomes invisible and the drones chase the player when it approaches near.

Bullets galore!: Starts auto-spinning and shooting the machine gun bullets from its front.

Gotta retreat...: Spawns 4 Green necromancers Who shoot out 50 cheez-its. While healing itself slowly. Plus it can't be hurt at that time.

Drone storm: Shoots out 200-350 Cheez-its and Green Doritos.


This tank is based off green square.

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