The most OP tank in history... However stats don't affect it's behavior.


Looks like a regular Overlord with 8 spawners instead of 4. It is very majestic :)).



Click of death: Be able to click on any tank and they die instantly. Cooldown is 5 seconds.

Shockwave (Press RShift): Drones spawn from the spawners (approx.50) and will kill any tank within the FOV radius of a Ranger then de-spawn. Cooldown is 5 seconds.

FOV: Good as a basic tank.

Health and Body Damage: As strong as any rammer.

Movement speed: Fest as SANIC. Moves like a Tri-angle with full pts on reload & speed.

This tank will despawn after 1 hour of play time. You'll spawn in the pentagon nest and the Bosses and Triangles will not harm you. A notification will pop-up saying "An overpowered Tank has spawned! Run for your lives!" 7 Drones with an absurd health regen with spawn and protect you from the incoming bullets.


As the Clicker

  • Click away and mash the keys!

Against the Clicker

  • Use drone class tanks to try to target it but don't get caught otherwise you DIE.
  • Otherwise run for your lives.


  • When your 1 hour of play is up, Arena Closers will close the server and demolish you unless you survive for 30 mins again then the server will die on it's own and everything before will repeat.
  • This tank will attempt overpower the other tanks in this wikia, if they were all in the game (incl. this tank).
  • It's the most unloved and hated tank as it's an alone watermahlon.
  • It's name is a reference to cookie clicker.

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