The Clockwork Trapper upgrades from the Mega Trapper at level 45. Look here for the idea that would cause the Mega Trapper to be a tier 3 tank.


The Clockwork Trapper would look similar to the Mega Trapper, but with a slight flange to the main part of the barrel. It essentially looks like a combination of a Machine Gun and a Mega Trapper


The Clockwork Trapper would fire an immense amount of traps; nearly six times as fast as the trapper. However, it would also have far lower Trap Health and Trap Damage, along with a very short range. It's traps would also last for a smaller amount of time.


  • It would be incredibly useful in team modes; It could quickly build bases that could possibly stop a Destroyer-Dominator bullet. It would also be able to kill any tank at short range, rapidly firing highly damaging traps. However, it is very vulnerable to Rangers, Assassins, and Stalkers.

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