The Commander can summon 3 types of tanks.


The Commander looks like an Overlord. One of the drone-summoning barrels is replaced by a normal barrel(a basic tank barrel). Each barrel can fire a single tank. Your stats add on to your minions stats.

Tank Types

Deflector: A basic tank with a thick line overlapping the barrel. The line can deflect hits and in team modes, it does not deflect your team's bullets. Instead, they pass through. Same goes with your other minions and you. In Team modes, if an enemy bullet hits the line, it will turn your color and bounce back.


Warrior: This has a barrel on the front and back. On the front, it has 2 gunner barrels.


Juggernaut: Has Lancer spikes on the sides and front. On the back, it has a Machine Gun barrel that provides huge recoil. Has increased health and body damage.



Right-click to make minions shoot at your cursor. Left-click makes you shoot. Shift makes minions go to your cursor. Q activates home mode for Juggernaut. It will ram at the closest thing to you. R activates chase mode for Warrior. It turns around and uses recoil to chase and shoot enemies around you. Auto-fire makes your minions shoot at your cursor until turned off. T activates shield mode for Deflector. This makes it go in front of you and shoot enemies.


As The Commander

You can activate all modes at once to have a chasing squad and a shield. The Juggernaut can work against other rammers. The Deflector can repel Triplets. The Warrior can destroy Gunners. Watch out for Predators and Rangers.

Against The Commander

Long range classes are the key. Wide spread tanks can take out all of it's minions. Triplets can take it out, but target the Deflector first.


  • This was made by Apentashot1274.
  • "Playername" is replaced with it's owner's username.

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