The Computer Virus has two cannons attached to its body, that look similar to the twin's. On top of those, there are two spikes, which are long triangles.

Basic Info

The Computer Virus is an upgrade to the Smasher, and is a level 45 tank. It is equipped with two cannons that function similarly to the twin's, except with reload reduced by 35%. It moves 15% faster than most tanks, and has a 10% body damage increase as well. Even though it has bullets, it is intended to be used as a rammer. Its spikes take 25% less damage from any form of damage as well.

The Computer Virus has a special ability, which explains why it is called that. If it kills a tank with body damage, or with bullet damage very close by, the enemy tank doesn't actually die, and the Computer Virus gets no score. The original owner of the tank has to restart, and all of that, but the Computer Virus becomes attached to the tank, and is able to control it. The tank immediately gets half of its HP back after dying to the computer virus, and five seconds of invincibility. The computer virus can then control its new victim, and gets to play with the same build and tank that the victim had. The computer virus can also detach from the tank, by pressing Q. Detached tanks can then be picked up and controlled again by you or another Computer Virus, but disappear if they are detached for a minute. Tanks that are detached can also be killed for score. When controlling a tank, it is possible to attack the attached computer virus, because it has a seperate health bar. If that is killed, the tank that it is controlling will be detached, and will be available for getting more points.

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