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_!2222 is an AI controlled boss tank added on April 10, 2017. _!2222 has a rare chance to spawn every 10 minutes.


_!2222 is a Photonegative tank that rapidly switched between Overlord and Auto Smasher.


_!2222, as an Overlord, has Drones that will target the closest tank. they won’t target players under level 15 unless shot at first. If no tanks are nearby, it will target and destroy all polygons in range, including Pentagons and Crashers. The Drones will stop attacking the target when the target goes out of range. _!2222, as an Auto Smasher, it has the body damage of a spike, and its auto gun does the damage of an Annihilator bullet.


  • _!2222 might be the most powerful of the glitch enemies, but wont attack unless provoked.

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