Wikia Guardian “This nest is my property!” This conceptual article is authored by FredLeon. Please don’t edit it without their permission. LE TANKBULB V2

The 001 is a boss tank that has 10% chance to spawn after a boss is defeated , if this happens all the boss altars will disappear and will start the Number chain , it is a mechanic that starts when 001 is spawned , after defeating 001 the chain will make spawn instant 002, then 003, etc..


001 features a mothership light blue transparent base with a smaller mothership transparent bae , and other transpaernt bases finishing with a spiked ball


001SBC SPiked Ball
001 Spiked ball is very dangerous , every 3 seconds it launched very fast his ball that can insta kill everyone
001SCB is a nooby

Battle in a nearly clear zone with 001 killing a destroyer


  • the Number bosses dont become red when taking damage

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