Hi! :) :) This is my own idea!!!! ~Eros

Tank Info:

The appearance of this tank will be like the normal level 1 tank but gets bigger if it levels up.This tank is a translucent tank nearly transparent but when you copy a tank, it will become the standard color. If you are playing in Team DM,Domination and Mothership, and you are shooting at the enemy team, your color will still be in your corresponding team.You can also shoot at your teammates to copy their tanks.

Copy Tanks, this kind of tank will copy the class of another class.The only way to copy a tank is to shoot your bullets into the tank you want to copy but you do not need to kill it but you need to shoot a couple of bullets not only one and the bullet must touch the tank.

Tier 2: Copy Tank

This copy tank can only copy any tier 1 and 2 tanks for 30 seconds. You will have 50% stats of the tank you copied and 50% stats from you.

Tier 3: Copier

This copy tank can copy any tiers except for tier 4. This tank has the same mechanics with the tier 2 copy tank but can make one mirage copy of the tank you copied but with 25% stats of the tank you copied and 25% stats of your tank.The copy will last for 1 minute and the mirage will last for 30 seconds. The mirage copied tank and bullets will be more transparent but not invisible.The mirage will automatically follow you.

Tier 4: Mirage Maker

This copy tank can copy all tanks except other copy tanks.The copy will last for 2 minutes. This tank has the same mechanics as the other copy tanks but this one can make two mirage and the second mirage will be the tank you previously copied. Both mirage will have 25% stats of the copied and 25% stats from you.

Example: You are copied a Destroyer and your time is up then you are currently copying a Booster. If you make a mirage, one will be a Booster and the other will be a Destroyer.


  • This tank cannot damage other tank if it is in its standard form or its non-copied form the bullets will just pass through the enemy or ally.
  • You cannot copy if you already have copied another tank.
  • You cannot copy other copy tanks,a mirage and the copied version of the copy tank.
  • To make a mirage you must....... ( you can make a mechanic cause I don't have one)
  • The level of the copied tanks will be the same as the true tank.
  • Your name will not be visible on your mirage tanks.
  • (If you have a name suggestion of my tanks please tell me)

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