This is a gamemode where you can do whatever you want, to start playing first click "create new game" then a new game will be created and saved on your computer, there will be "Load" button that with it you can load a saved world, you can invite other players, in this gamemode you can do whatever you want like: changing the max level, add new tanks, add new polygons, change the max level of a stat, add AI enemy and AI helpers with different abilities... If this gamemode is added the game will be a lot more creative, and a lot of people who wanted to test their ideas can test it. (its now can be an upgrade to sandbox mode)

Note for the creators of If this gamemode where added the game would have a lot more hours played bicouse it would be hard to be bored, and a lot of suggester/thinkers would play a lot more.

Advertising this idea would make a lot of suggesters/thinkers to play with their dreams.

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