The creator tank created by oo1oo2oo3oo4. it is also the strongest tank in diepio. It spawns 1 tank which is 50% less stronger than a normal tank with no upgrades and are green to all players. You can control them but if you are not controlling them they are AI which can be upgraded, but they cannot turn into Creators.

Tanks controlled by you can be named but not renamed to avoid communication. they also cannot appear on the leaderboard and they count as your points.

This tank also has No defenses

It also has a special ability in the Empire Mode

What stats will be changed

Bullet penetration will be changed to tank strength

Bullet speed will be changed to Maximum tanks

oo1oo2oo3oo4's ideas
Gamemodes: Empire Mode,Pokemon Go Gamemode,Chaos Mode,Tank Vs Tank,Country War
Tanks: Creator,Level 60 Trapper Upgrades,Overlord 2.0,Enhanced Circle,XSpike,Mini Dominator,The Cannon,AI Tank Branch,Category:Mega Smasher Branch,Terminator
Bosses: Bosses (oo1oo2oo3oo4),Quadmaster,Overdozen,The Psychic,Commander of the Bosses,The Fairy,Pentagon Protector
Legendary Tanks: Mega Mothership,Green Necromancer,Orange Necromancer,Black Hole (oo1oo2oo3oo4),The Infinity Tank,Everything
Polygons: Red Pentagon,Green Stuff,Purple Polygons,Golden Pentagon
Others: Types Of Walls In Maze,Extra Upgrade Points Reward System (oo1oo2oo3oo4),Alpha Arena Closer,Become An Arena Closer
Idea Saving Space: Autooverbooster,Extra Levels Mode,( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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