A new idea came out of my head, called Custom mode. I came up with how the mode works

So, this is how the mode works




The gamemode is about creating a custom server. After the server is created, you give your friends the server code, but they need a account, which means if you are signed into one, you can't name yourself and you have to stick with the name until you sign out which means you can't go on the Custom gamemode. However, you can play the other gamemodes without a account such as FFA, Teams, Domination, Mothership, Tag Mode and Sandbox but you need a account for the Custom mode, the seventh and last mode added to the game. After you give your friends the server code, they join and the creator picks the 6 gamemodes. Next they join the gamemode, you can have up to 120 people on your server, they will also be a server list and a PDF changelog which is the only way to access the changelog at and the server list included there is a link to access the server list with codes at with the most popular servers out there. Then, you compete against your friends (up to 120 friends on your account profile).

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