The Daddyship is a tier 9 tank that upgrades from the Octo-Master, and may not upgrade further.


Exactly like the mothership, however a bit smaller and the barrels are as long as sniper's barrels and a bit bigger than normal.


Has 5 guardians like the mothership, and the barrels shoot drones that will fly like bullets and cannot be controlled. All stats are instantly maxed upon upgrade, however the health is double that of a octo-master with max health upgrades. Has x1.3 body damage, drones will be x1.2 as big as normal ones and have the stats of guardians, spare for speed and health. Speed is about x1.2 that of a mothership. Health regen is locked to 1/4 of that a tank with max health regen.


As the Daddyship

press E and C, as your slow speed will barely get you anywhere and you are already able of great crowd control. Try to not get hit many times however.

Against the Daddyship

Try to overwhelm it with a bullet storm or destroyer bullets. NEVER use a rammer build. Just avoid getting too close and keep kiting it.


Second Tier 9 tank, after mothership.

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