Call Support - If under 85% HP, it will call a Gunner, Predator and a Streamliner to protect it. ( Fallen Tanks )

Super Blast - Shoots 3 rounds of bullets which do a massive amount of damage. ( Leaves any tank with 10% left if over level 35 )


Has a huge turret in the front and 3 turrets on the back with a pentagon for a base.


It doesn't move however, its bullets are larger than any tank and its FOV is better than any tank too. So if you see a huge bullet coming towards you, move. It's average speed so don't worry.

Other Tanks

Fallen Streamliner

Passive Ability

Heals itself 2000 HP when below 30% health.


Lock On - Focuses on a random player tank and tries to kill it when in its FOV.

Laserstream - Shoots like the reload glitch for 2 minutes. Cooldown is 2 minutes as well.

HEALTH: 30,000

Fallen Gunner

Passive Ability

Increases its speed massively and can turn invisible Whenever under 20% health.


Deadly Barrage - Shoots x2 as fast and does double damage.

Mode Switch - Switches to a Machine Gun and will increase its speed. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

HEALTH: 30,000

Fallen Predator

Passive Ability

When HP is below 50%, Reload and speed increases.


Deadshot - Now enables self to have 35% chance leaving an player tank with 1 HP when attacked.

Red Dot Sight - Now there will be a red line to indicate where the bullet it shoots so it helps you and the enemy.

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