"This tank is the physical embodiment of death itself."


Death is an OP Tank made by UltraReconKing.


No, fuck you.


  • Maximizes all stats to 66 instantly. (66/66/66/66/66/66/66/66)
  • Has 20 normal barrels around the tank.
  • Has 10 destroyer barrels around the tank.
  • Has 10 normal auto barrels inside the tank.
  • Has four drone barrels around the tank that shoots uncontrollable drones.
  • Has eight trapper barrels around the tank.
  • Has four mega trapper barrels around the tank.
  • Has 15 Boomer barrels around the tank.
  • Has 15 Freezer barrels around the tank.
  • Has a rotating hexagon below the tank to enhance body damage.
  • The tank, drones and traps can turn invisible in 3 seconds if the tank isn't moving.
  • Can view a whole sandbox map.
  • Right clicking somewhere will allow the tank to teleport there.
    • Death, however, immediately has God Mode in Sandbox Mode. This makes the Death tank completely invulnerable in Sandbox Mode.


UltraReconKing's Conceptions

Cluster Shot Airburst β€’ Mega Cluster
Blacksmith Architect β€’ Host β€’ Creator
Ice Tank Auto Ice Tank β€’ Freezer β€’ Paralyzer
Boomer Nothing yet!
Smasher Basher β€’ Shadow
Trapper Nintrapper β€’ Bomber β€’ Fisher
Spider Spider Tank β€’ Spider Scout β€’ Tarantula
Other Battery β€’ Striker

The Bullet β€’ Death β€’ Paralyzer β€’ Launcher β€’ Genesis

Fallen Master β€’ Jester β€’ Taken Predator

UltraReconKing (Ultra β€’ Recon β€’ King) β€’ V-Cannon

Fireteams β€’ Juggernauts

Circle β€’ Suicidal Sphere

Custom Dominators

Cluster Polygons β€’ Time Tank

There is a high chance that this Navbox is unfinished. Don't worry, UltraReconKing is still alive and will edit this soon enough!

Special thanks to Tacocat247 for organizing the navbox into tabs!

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