The Demigod is a level 60 tank upgraded off the Overlord. It controls 5 pentagons (Dark blue or team color) that do a great amount of damage to other players. The shapes are slightly slower, but that won't be a problem. You can summon pentagons, like the Overlord triangles, but you're limited to 5, and the drone spawn time is highly slowed down. (Created by Perismol and Chapsteck4urlipis). Because the reload time is longer than the Overlord, you can pick up a Pentagon similar to the Necromancer if you're in a hurry.


The demigod tank is pentagon-shaped with the dispensers (much like the Overlord's) on the top 2 sides and on the very bottom one.


As the Demigod

If you're the demigod, Overseers and Overlords are fairly easy to destroy. As long as you go towards them from the drones, it shouldn't be that hard. Sniper classes are also not that scary, as they usually dont destroy the drones. You should avoid smashers and the triplet and its upgrade (Quadruplet)

Against the Demigod

Against the Demigod, you should put a good deal in movement speed, as the drones wont catch up to you. Bullet penetration is also important, so you can destroy a drone, and get the the tank as well.


  • The Demigod's shape references the shape of its drones
  • If you collect a green pentagon, it becomes slightly teal.
  • The name is based off of the class names going down the line (Overseer, Overlord, Demigod)
  • Art by Adasba.
Chapsteck4Yurlipis's ideas

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