The Mega Destroyer is a Tier 5, Level 60 tank that upgrades from the Annihilator. It upgrades to the Blaster.



The Mega Destroyer does twice the damage, penetration, knockback, and recoil of the Destroyer. It also has a larger bullet. Nothing else changes when upgraded.


Typical controls.


The Mega Destroyer is an Annihilator with a cannon that grows bigger.


  • STRONG/WEAK AGAINST CHART COMMING SOON (as in at least a month)!

As the Mega Destroyer

  • Shoot back so you recoil towards an enemy tank, than shoot at them while they are close.
  • Ram enemy tanks using your massive recoil.


  • Upgrade Bullet Penetration so your bullets do more damage and cannot be stopped that easily.
  • Upgrade Bullet Damage to help the previous.
  • Since you have a low RoF, Reload is essential.
  • Bullet Speed–your bullets are very slow and need some speed so other tanks cannot dodge them.
  • If you want to be a rammer, upgrade Movement Speed and Body Damage.
  • Splash and Absorb can be helpful as your bullets do massive damage.
  • Spread a few points onto Health Regen and Max Health.


  • Rammers are easy to kill if they attack you.
  • You can wipe out most, if not all, of an Overseer class tank's Drones.

Against the Mega Destroyer

  • Since its bullets are extremely slow, a fast or moderate tank should be able to dodge them.
  • Many Mega Destroyers become rammers, so avoid contacting them and watch out for their recoil.
  • The Mega Destroyer's bullets can be stopped by a high RoF tank with good Bullet Penetration.


  • This used to be called the Mega Destroyer.

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