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Technical information

The Destroyer-2 would be an upgrade from the Destroyer that has 2 large bullet barrels facing in opposite directions. Bullets will fire from each barrel simultaneously.


As the Destroyer-2

Body damage builds do not have much use since recoil from bullet firing can't be used as a means to propel yourself at objects or players, so if you plan to use this tank, it would be advisable to spend upgrade points on bullet penetration, reload, and bullet damage instead. Staying as the Machine Gun may help since you can take advantage of its rapid fire to help farm objects quickly. When you have upgraded to the Destroyer-2, use your large bullets to destroy objects almost instantly. When you are in an are with many shapes, use the Auto-Spin function to harvest many shapes in all directions efficiently. When confronting players, wait for players to get near you, then turn your tank and fire a bullet at the players. Good at distracted tanks, tanks without high bullet damage, tanks without focused fire, undefended drone users, Smasher class tanks, Trapper class tanks, other Destroyers, Destroyer-2 and Hybrids. Avoid fast tanks, tanks with focused fire, Sniper class tanks, and drone users who have their drones ready.

Against the Destroyer-2

Destroyer class tanks (including another Destroyer-2)

Approach the Destroyer-2 and fire a bullet at the left and right sides. Be wary of where the Destroyer-2 fires its bullets, and avoid them at all costs.

Sniper class tanks

Keep a distance between you and the Destroyer-2 when attacking. Be wary of where the Destroyer-2 fires its bullets, and avoid them at all costs.

Tank , Flank Guard, and Auto-3


Overseer, Overlord, and Manager

If you have sent your drones away, call them all back when you see the Destroyer-2. Keep a distance between you and the Destroyer-2 so that the Destroyer-2 is near the edges of your screen, then send all of your drones at the Destroyer-2, hopefully killing it. Be wary of where the Destroyer-2 fires its bullets, and avoid them at all costs.


If you have no squares, flee immediately. If you have some squares and you want to attack and hopefully kill the Destroyer-2, send all your squares at the Destroyer-2, then flee.

Quad Tank, Octo Tank, Triple Shot, and Penta Shot


Tanks with focused fire

Approach the Destroyer-2, firing bullets straight at tank, but be cautious of the bullets the tank fires back at you, It may be safer to approach the tank as a group.

Trapper class (except Gunner Trapper) and Smasher class tanks


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