Destructonator is a simple OP tank that is controlled by a player, that i made for fun. It will probably come with a game mode later on.



A normal round hull the size of a mothership, which has 8 very long barrels all evenly spaced that do not fire anything, however have tanks that are x1.5 in size of a normal tank at level 45. The tanks will be penta-shots that aim where the normal cannon that holds the tank points to. The penta shot's barrels are twice as big and long. In-between the long barrels are big overseer's spawner barrels.


The barrels with the tanks will spin at a very high speed around the main tank, quick enough to stop a lv 45 tri-angle from reaching inside. The penta-shots have x3 the reload and bullet speed of normal ones with max stats. They have 90K hp each and 5K regen per sec. Their penetration is equal to 15 points in it, and 20 points in damage. They have 4 body damage points.

The main tank has 1.2m hp and regens 800k per sec and can move as fast as a tri-angle with max speed. FoV is a quite higher than a mothership's FoV. Typical movements, however by pressing Q,R,T,Z,X,C and V user can activate special attacks. Firing will make the penta shots fire.


Q: Makes more penta's appears but they are AI controlled and have max stats in everything. 8 will be spawned. 8 secs cooldown.

R: whole tank's set shrinks to 1/15 of it's normal size. Lasts 10 seconds. 12 seconds cooldown.

T: Each times the player press this key, they will gain 30% in everything. (Also reduces cooldowns by 30%) 1min cooldown. (Lasts forever and can stack)

Z: Makes dozens of red triangles spawn where the mouse points.

X: objects/tanks start being attracted slowly by tank. At first it will be enough to pull squares, then triangles, then tier 1-2 tanks.. then tier 3 tanks... then alpha pentagons, motherships and tier 4 tanks. Stops automatically after 14 seconds. 9 secs cooldown.

C: sunglasses and doritos/mtn dew appear on the tank. Lasts 90 seconds and while this is on the tank has +10000% stats boost. 600 secs cooldown.

V: penta's rapidly switch between all playable tier 1-7 tanks and stays on each tank for 2 seconds. Lasts until all tanks have been used then comes back to normal. 80 secs cooldown.


As the destructonator.

just spam abilities and make sure to use T very often so you can become more and more OP :D you could use some fire too.

Against the destructonator

Kill it before it uses T too many times. Else get a really OP tank.


This is a joke.

Tank's tier is unknown.

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