The Policies of Conception Wikia have been written to help in clarifying principles, and end conflict within the community, while remaining the wiki that it is, with new standards of concepting, an attempt to bring together the community, and ultimately become a better place. This is a never-ending goal, which we can only achieve with togetherness and unity. Following the information presented can only be a good thing.

This wiki will not employ the 'hard-and-fast' rules, of other ones, but will promote best-known practices and common sense. This page will present information all users should normally follow.

Not everything may be covered. If whatever you are searching for is not and you have a question, refer to me, here and ask. Whatever it is, assume it is not deemed acceptable until that answer is known from my response. If your mind is itching over whether the practice is deemed acceptable or not, DO NOT go about it unless confirmed by me. And if so, I will make notes to that situation here. But all in all, Staff may use their own judgment and so not all enforcement will be the same.

'Levels of Severity'

Having been in close ties with Bloons Conception Wikia it has been decided that we will employ a similar 'Levels' system to their wiki. So in order to keep consistency, each possible offense has been given an 'Action Level', with higher Action Levels having harsher consequences for actions under these Action Levels being done. Action Levels refer to the severity of the offense, not to the amount of times it has been done. Note that repetition of breaking the policies will lead to that weighing in on the Action Level given in future offenses.

NOTICE: Statements with 'and/or' when referring to Chat Blocks or Wiki Blocks, this means the block will only effect wherever the offense happened. If it was only in chat, you will not suffer the wiki block as well UNLESS stated otherwise. Usually both are blocked in higher levels.

Action Level Enforcement Procedure
1 Official warning.
2 One day ban from chat and/or the wiki.
3 One week ban from chat and/or the wiki.
4 One month ban from chat and/or the wiki.
5 One month ban from chat and the wiki, with removal of message wall use.
6 Three month ban from chat and the wiki, with removal of message wall use.
7 One year ban from chat and the wiki, with removal of message wall use.
8 Indefinite ban from chat and the wiki, all monitoring capabilities taken, with removal of message wall use.


  • One user should not edit another user's conception unless permission has been given. If done, this could result in a Level 1 Punishment.
    • Exceptions will be made if:
      • The page is considered Public, meaning anyone can edit it.
      • Categories are being added or removed and nothing else.
      • A grammar error is fixed. If so, please note that in the Edit Changes bar.
  • Page Adoption has become a thing. In order to breathe life into old conceptions, users may request to adopt conceptions under certain terms. Not following these terms can result in a Level 1 Punishment.
    • Adoptions will only be official under one of two circumstances:
      • The original author agrees to the adoption.
      • Or the original author has been inactive for at least 30 days.
    • Some rules come with adopting pages:
      • Adopters may not vandalize the page despite it now technically being theirs.
    • The original author can revoke the adoption at any time.
  • Users may not make up random categories on the spot when creating a page. It must conform to one already set. While originally not a rule, this will now be enforced. Offenses prior to the creation of the Policies page will be ignored. Since we have the page's creator at the top of every page, no longer will categories dedicated to one user be accepted. Level starts at 1, but repeated offenses can carry that up to a max of a Level 4 consequence.
  • Sexual, racist, extremist, and hate-driven content within a page is NOT acceptable. Depending on the severity of such examples, the page may be edited by a staff member without permission, or straight up deleted. The creator of said page will automatically be given a Level 3 punishment, with continued offenses possibly pushing it upward with no limit.
  • A page containing little to no information, or JUST an iblobgithub code, will be deleted. Codes can be used alongside pages with informational depth, but alone they will not stand. This will result in no punishment, but you will be notified. The same goes for overpowered conceptions, overpowered meaning anything that, in the circumstance it appears in, being not a realistic situation within the game. Creation of an overpowered tank, boss, or enemy, makes their creation trivial in the first place.


  • Any chat member that brings down, insults, or threatens another user will receive anywhere from a Level 1 to 3 punishment based on severity.
  • Profanity is lax in the chatroom, but has its limits. Swearing is allowed, but not excessively. Anything 'beyond the realm of swearing' can lead to any Action Level consequence being given based on severity. I don't want to have to spell it out for you...
  • Spam will result in a Level 1 offense. Repeated offenses can carry this up to a Level 3 punishment. Spam is not acceptable in any circumstance. What is considered spam can vary based on the staff member assessing the situation.
  • Chat Moderators and higher will have the ability to judge the situation themselves and assess from there, so cases above may differ from others.


  • Spam will result in a Level 1 offense. Repeated offenses can carry this up to a Level 3 punishment. Spam is not acceptable in any circumstance. What is considered spam can vary based on the staff member assessing the situation.
  • Official language is English. I don't want to say its required, but it is. There are other wikis with different languages. If it is intentional, please include translations.
  • Use of alternate accounts is prohibited except in special cases. Use of alternate accounts to win nominations, polls, etc. will result in banning of the account and a Level 3 punishment on the creator. If the purposes of this account were even more nefarious, it can carry that level higher and higher.
  • Pretending to be a staff member or other role is considered deceptive and an act of trickery. Doing so can result in a Level 2 punishment. Repeated offenses can carry this up to Level 5.
  • It goes without saying that intentionally harassing, offending, and berating users will result in punishment. Depending on damage done to the victim, the consequences could be immeasurable. Instantly warrants a Level 2 Punishment.
  • Do NOT leave negative comments on pages without any other details. That makes you the idiot. Leave constructive criticism for the author of the page to better themselves with. Negative comments are considered intentional harassment, but this starts with a Level 1.

Staff Only

  • Abuse in power leads to instant demotion to a regular user. There is no corners to cut here like on Wikia. You instantly lose all rights and receive a Level 1 Punishment, which is also added to any prior offenses relating to your work as that staff position. A convict of this action will be monitored by other staff members for a while. Someone demoted for power abuse cannot reapply for a position unless absolved.
  • Staff members cannot promote or demote others without the Founder's permission. Any found action of this will result in a Level 1 Punishment. Repeated offenses can lead to a Level 3. After that, it is considered Power Abuse and you are straight-up demoted.

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