This is the page that holds general information regarding the Conception Wikia Staff.

Current Staff

Color-Code Description
User Description About
ZathusTheMageV (Founder)
Founder and bureaucrat of this wiki, loyal vassal of Master Ursuul.
Ursuul (Administrator)
Infobox designer, code admin, airhead, accidentally created a cult of personality.
Teamerz (Administrator)
The guy who is almost always in chat, and creator of the hivemind.
SuperRobot9338 (Administrator)
Evil Mastermind Friendly neighbourhood Banana, can help out with everything between actual article editing and fixing code — projects, categories, templates, all that stuff.
Chapsteck4yurlipis (Administrator)
Kewl guy, I should know more about him.
Graviatar (Discussions Moderator)
Ridiculously talented artist, responsible for half of anything visual on this wiki.
Tacocat247 (Chat Moderator)
Prolific Conceptionist, helpful guy.
FallenBooster (Chat Moderator)
Active Dorito Rebel, new Staff Member with a bright future ahead.
Color Meaning
Tan Intern
Green Active Staff
Yellow Semi-Active Staff
Red Inactive Staff
White On Hiatus

Staff Rank Descriptions


The Founder has full power & heads the Wiki. That person is ZathusTheMageV.


Administrators are just that; Administrators. They are community leaders with the full range of control over the Wiki, being able to exercise the rights of those below as well as edit MediaWiki & grant certain user rights.

Content Moderators

Content Moderator Rights allow a user to protect, unprotect, delete, & undelete pages, as well as move & edit already protected pages. Generally speaking, Content Moderators have all available user-rights besides the ability to grant other rights, edit MediaWiki, or block users. All else is within their power to help you with, so they are the next best thing if an Admin isn’t around.

Discussion Moderators

Discussion Moderator Rights allow a user to highlight forum threads, remove Message Wall & Forum posts, as well as close & reopen threads on Message Walls & Forum Boards. With the addition of Discussions, they can moderate that as well by locking posts, moving them, or deleting them.

Chat Mods & Rollbacks

As the base level of Staff, they only have Chat Moderator and/or Rollback Rights. Rollback Rights allow users to quickly undo vandalism, while Chat Moderator Rights allow users to kick or ban users from Chat.

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