My Tank Branch!

I hope you enjoy my awesome ideas I made in 1 day 3 hours! Leave your comments below of your opinions so I can fix them. All made by Tank3r. ( EDIT: I am now hack3dDom1nat0r )

Tier 1: Level 1

Tank - A regular tank that is weak, but you can upgrade to different ones at level 15!

Tier 2: Level 15

Branch 1

Blocker: A small tank with a wall on one side and a cannon in the other. Speed and Bullet Damage decrease but Health Regen is slightly higher.

Branch 2

Helper: Does not attack yet, but can heal tanks on team mode. If you are on FFA with this tank, it will damage the enemy tank but the damage is very low. Health and Health Regen increase.

Branch 3

Charger: A very offensive tank that is pretty fast and uses a Lance like weapon. Doesn't use a cannon though. Speed and Bullet Damage increase.

Branch 4

Virus: A very technical tank that has crazy abilities.

Branch 5

Searcher: Can lock on enemies to shoot them easier.

Tier 3 Level 30

Blocker Upgrades

Spiked Blocker: The walls now have spikes on them, dealing damage, to whatever hits them and you can't take Body Damage. But bullets can still hurt you. ( If someone has Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage full, the armor is useless. )

Shielder: You move alot slower but bullets do even less damage. Applies to Body Damage as well.

Helper Upgrades

Doctor: Healing is stronger and speed is increased.

Supporter: Now has a cannon. It does the same amount of damage as a normal tank.

Charger Upgrades

Supercharger: Adds a stat "Charge" but removes "Reload". Gets a small cannon in the back for offensive at both points. Speed increases but attack decreases.

Dualwielder: Adds a Lance in the back. Attack increases but speed decreases.

Knight: Now has a shield in the back. Speed decreases but HP increases.

Virus Upgrades

Antivirus: Same as the virus, but stronger. Can cure tanks if they have the Virus Effect. ( Only applies on team mode )

Hacker: If this tank's 5th bullet hits an enemy it will gain control of it. ( Only for 5 seconds and will not affect Dominators, Motherships and Arena Closers. ) Turns that tank gray.

Searcher Upgrades

Seeker: Has a large trapezoid at its back and a smaller cannon. The trapezoid shoots out 'Seeker Drones' ( tiny tanks that immediately goes after the enemy that you locked on. ) Their range is the same as yours.

Spreader: Basically an Octo Tank, but the 4 cannons ( front, back. Left, right. ) are longer.

Tier 4 Level 45

Branch 1 (2)

Spiked Blocker Upgrades

Juggernaut - This tank really packs a punch. It has grown bigger and it's attack and defense increases.

Defense Force - Hexagon for a base and a Square on the top. The cannon is now a trapezoid and shoots Pentagons per minute. It will also have a big cannon on the back because it replaces the wall.

Shielder Upgrades

Twin Shielder - Two shields on the Front and back and a cannon on the side. Defense increases.

Protector - Summons mini Shielder tanks out of nowhere per minute and this tank's speed decreases. Also, adds "Mini Health" stat but removes "Bullet Penetration".

Branch 2 (2)

Doctor Upgrades

Witchdoctor - Will now shoot Healing bullets. They hurt enemies but not teammates. It heals them.

Ambulance - Whenever you run into your teammate it will heal them. But if your attached to them ( just standing there following them ) it won't work. Speed increases.

Supporter Upgrades

Specialist - This tank is now a Booster. It shoots bombs when it shoots from the bottom cannons.

Enforcer - This tank is now a Twin and doesn't heal anymore but the Enforcers can call "Reinforcements". By pressing "C" key Reinforcements will heal either you or teammates. It chooses by itself but only if they are close in range. However, they follow you so you will most likely be healed often. The "Health Regen" stat increases their Healing power.

Branch 3 (2)

Supercharger Upgrades

Turbobooster - A improved Booster. The Lance is now twice as strong but aiming is more difficult.

Dualwielder Upgrades

Twin-Dualwielder - 4 Lances = Spin of Destruction. Cannons are gone so you gonna have to stick with ramming people.

Knight Upgrades

Paladin - Bigger and Badder. The Lance is now a Sword and you press the "A" key to attack.

Bodyguard - Defense is increased and only useful for team mode. Though it has a Lance and a cannon now.

Branch 4 (2)

Antivirus Upgrades

Antivirus ll - An improved version of the Antivirus. Effects last longer.

Firewall - The base is a pentagon and the top is red. Cannon is long but small and has a red wall around the tank but not covering the cannon. It shoots orange bullets and will do an affect to a Superhacker, Hacker and Virus. It will temporarily disable their effects for 10 - 20 seconds. ( Depends on upgraded Bullet Penetration. ) If shot at any other tank it won't cure but just damage them. If those specific tanks ram into the Firewall tank, it will do the same affect as mentioned above but only 5 seconds.

Hacker Upgrades

Superhacker - Can control enemies for a longer time and does 2 at a time.

Encrypter - A tank that can copy others tanks by pressing the "M" key. You will be frozen at a moment and you can choose a tank that's in the server your playing on. Tier 1 Tank will allow you to do double damage, Tier 2 Tanks will allow regular damage, Tier 3 half damage and finally Tier 4 won't do as much damage but you can trick enemies. Press M again to go back to normal.

Branch 5 (2)

Seeker Upgrades

Targeter: The Seeker Drones are now Twins. Increases FOV and Speed.

Spreader Upgrades


LTS - Last Tank Standing

This mode is just like FFA, but you have ONE LIFE. Every player starts at level 30 and you have to kill every tank to win. There is 5 minutes but if 5 minutes is over and there is still tank's left , you have to go into Deathmatch. The border gets smaller and you have to stay alive to win, like I said already.

Also, once you die, you get to spectate any player.

Level Rush

Get to level 45 as fast as you can! Here's the catch: Killing a player gives you negative EXP!


Survive waves of CPU tanks, getting stronger every round! Team up with 5 to 10 players for a better advantage. ( The CPUs upgrade to ANY kind of tank and their stats are fully upgraded to make it harder. )


On the Virus Branch, one of my other ideas for Tier 3 was the Encrypter. There was no more room to put it in sadly but it was gonna be too OP anyways.

I forgot to mention, the Superhacker tank has large HP.

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